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Disability Compensation; What the Insured Need to Know

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Author: Ivonne Jade Agustin

Disability is a major setback for workers who are involved in an unfortunate accident at the peak of their career. It will greatly affect their family's financial stability as their source of income will be lessened or totally cut-off. Common permanent injuries include spinal cord, brain, and head injuries.

To avoid situations like these, most workers are purchasing insurance policies that can answer their need for compensation if ever they would be permanently disabled.

Social Security Administration

Through SSA, the government assists individuals in their financial needs. Workers who have accumulated enough points by paying the social security taxes are eligible for disability compensation as well as retirement and survivor benefits.

Below are the possible beneficiaries of disability claims:

Workers who have paid enough social security taxes.

Child of a qualified beneficiary who have incurred disability before reaching the age of 22.

Social Security income (SSI) given to disabled children and adults who have limited source of income.

According to the Social Security Administration, more than half of all claimants are rejected. So, to save your time, it is better to know more about the processes and the data needed to save efforts and avoid rejection from SSA.

Determining Permanent Disability

Not all people with disability can file for benefits. Their condition must be recognized, there is a record showing that the claimant has such condition, and it is apparent that he has the said condition.

The claimant must produce proof of his inability to do gainful work.

Approval of Claims

Claims for these benefits can take months of endless procedures that should be done. But in the end, a successful claim will worth every hardships encountered by the claimant.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to be granted of their claims. Many of these claimants are rejected even after all necessary documents are placed.

They become more and more frustrated as the process for claiming their benefits might take longer time and greater deal of effort. To help them with predicaments like this, there are lawyers whose expertise is social security law.

These lawyers can help in appeals and filing of necessary documents needed in the process. Seasoned lawyers can determine whether or not you have a chance in your claims, so, better consult one before wasting any time on rejected applications.

Importance of Hiring a Lawyer

Social security lawyers are capable of efficiently handling your appeals if you are rejected of your rightful claims to disability benefits. Your lawyer will take care of your case and will legally represent you and so it is important that you hire one who is renowned in his field.

Also, for your convenience, find a lawyer who is near your region.

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