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Digital Photo Frames Are the New Gift of Choice for Gadget Lovers

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Author: Glen VanLand

Consumer electronics come and go, some barely lasting but a fleeting product lifecycle, while others like the iPod become established 'must have' gadgets. Many get there initial momentum from gift giving, as their leading-edge nature attracts more purchases from gift buying than for personal use. Digital picture frames are following this familiar gadget lifecycle, initially gaining popularity as gifts and transitioning into 'must have' devices for anyone with digital pictures to display.

Digital photo frames have greatly improved our ability to display digital pictures in our living spaces. These LCD display devices are slowly replacing traditional frames and making it easier to show off digital pictures. As the quality of display screens improves, more usability features are added, and prices drop digital picture frames will only increase in popularity, just as flat screen LCD and HDTVs slowly replaced traditional CRT ones. There's too much digital media in the form of photographs stuck on computers on memory devices waiting to be freed, and digital frames are an affordable and fast way to do so.

If you own a digital frame, there a good chance you received it as a gift. Digital frames have many of the characteristics people look for in a great gift: "newness" (likely something you don't already own), widely usable by most anyone (just own a digital camera), practical, and affordable. Affordability is a relative term - you can find digital frame gifts for less than $30, or very high end digital photo frames for over $200. So if someone wanted to buy you something that is new, special, usable, and in the right price range, the gift of a digital photo frame would have been a very good choice.

The fact is digital picture frames have become excellent gifts, especially for those looking in the consumer electronics category. They are still relative new on the electronics scene, meaning there's a good chance your recipient doesn't have one. Digital frames are a useful gadget for a wide variety of gift recipients. Obviously younger consumers love gadgets and will enjoy getting the hottest in digital devices. However gift recipients in any target age range can make use of digital frames because they all likely display photos in their home or office, and have probably entered the digital photography age. Digital frames are generally easy to use and designed for even the least technically savvy.

So what occasion are you shopping? Digital frames make great birthday gifts for those that you send digital pictures to on a regular basis anyway. One idea is to send a digital picture frame as a birthday gift, and have it pre-loaded with lots of personalized pictures so that when it's turned on, it immediately displays a slideshow they recognize. This is an easy way to send someone a high tech gadget gift that is also personalized. Pre-loaded digital photo frames for relatives will likely become a common gift that manufacturers capitalize on.

If you're looking for a gift for someone interested in photography, a digital frame again is a great new gadget for them. Those interested in art, travel, or any other hobby that has allowed them to collect many pictures of their passion will also be excited about owning a new device that lets them display these pictures in new ways with ease. Graduation gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Father's Day gifts, Anniversary gift, or any other type of gift for which you would normally consider giving a framed photo can now be significantly enhanced by utilizing a digital picture frame instead. These digital photo displays provide all the benefits of a picture based gifts, but do it in new and exciting ways.

The other area where there is growth in digital photo frames as gifts is in the corporate and business sector. Whether it is marketing material, loyalty gifts, employee gifts, or prizes, digital picture frames again satisfy many of the characteristics of an ideal gift. Many of the same drivers as mentioned previously: leading-edge, practicality, ease of customization, and affordability make digital frames popular with marketing departments looking for new corporate gifts. This also aligns with the trend of businesses using digital frames for other business purposes such as in lobbies or for advertising.

Eventually, digital frames will continue down the consumer products lifecycle and transition into more of a staple type of device. It is likely they will completely replace standard static frames, and purchases of digital photo frames will be driven more by practical use such as home decorating or advertising purposes than gift giving. This of course will take the novelty aspect out of these gadgets and their appeal as gifts, and consumer electronics gift givers will look for the next new item for this purpose.

For now, if you are looking for the perfect consumer electronics or photography related gift, a digital photo frame may be a perfect choice.

About the author: The author is the operator of, where visitors can find some of the most highly rated digital photo frames available today.

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