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Difficulties of Losing Weight

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Author: Robert D. Franklin

Some philosophies tell us that its easy to control your weight. Just keep eating the right foods and exercise often and our weight will stay stable and at a healthy level. Unfortunately, for many of us it is not that simple to follow. Simply put, if we eat more calories than we burn throughout our daily lives and by exercising, we will put on weight; If we eat fewer calories than our body needs, we will lose weight. This means that when it comes to losing weight, we need to find a balance in how many calories we can burn off weekly, compared to how many calories we will consume within a week. However, when it comes to a simple theory such as this and real life, it is not always so easy and simple.

Are various personal lives is one of the main reasons why many of us struggle to lose weight. Different situations and events can disrupt the times in which we eat, what is available for us to eat and the time and energy in which we have to participate in exercise. Other distractions include temptations which we face every single day, our social lives and any aspect of our lives which can be connected directly to food and activity. However, although it is extremely easy to see where we are going wrong in terms of our weight loss, knowing what to do in order to put it right is not always as simple. The first thing we need to do is be brutally honest with ourselves in terms of where we have fallen short and what our weaknesses are-especially in terms of food. It is likely that we will always be able to find an excuse as to why we do not eat the right foods and why we do not exercise-and it is easier to protest these excuses to ourselves. However, if we are not able to discipline ourselves, then we will always struggle to lose weight.

Our weight can be determined by a variety of different factors such as genetics, our body's metabolism and behavioral, environmental and cultural causes. One of the main reasons why we will be unable to lose weight will stem from our metabolism. Those who are overweight will often find that they will lose weight quicker than someone of a healthier weight. However, although this can give us a great sense of motivation it is important to be aware that the more weight we lose, the harder it will be for it to fall as easily as it did initially. The best way in which we can keep it working hard is to work hard to include exercise and a healthy diet within our lives as the aging process will also affect this and could leave us in the same situation as previous. Behavioral factors refer to our attitudes towards food. Many of us see food as a means of comfort or reward and will often 'treat' ourselves with our favorite foods in order to compensate for something else. In order to combat this and lose weight, we need to find an alternative way in which to deal with different issues-many who discover a love for exercise will often use this as a means to clear their head and solve issues within their minds without reaching for fatty foods. It is fair to say that environmental issues are one of the main reasons as to why we are currently living in an obese society. Bad foods are accessible almost everywhere. From the supermarkets to the convenience stores, vending machines-it can be very hard to resist but we need to make the decision to resist these temptations. The best way in which we can combat this is to make it difficult for ourselves to falter. When at work only take with you money which will you need during the day making it harder to purchase unhealthy foods. Take healthy, prepared meals with you as these will not only provide you with great nutrition but you will be likely to feel bad about throwing away good food you have paid for in place of a more costly substitute. Often, we think that it is cheaper to eat unhealthily due to the deals which can lure us in; however, by shopping carefully, we can budget our healthy food shopping and not risk the real loss-our health.

Losing weight is hard and it is often with this difficulty that we feel that it might just be best to give up and continue with our unhealthy way of living. All it needs it for us to realize our mistakes and do something in order to make a change. Only by changing can we give ourselves a true open door to losing weight and obtaining a healthy lifestyle.

About the author: Robert D. Franklin

Fitness Adviser and Health Specialist

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