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Different Types Of Goats

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Author: James Pickavance

Goats are now endearing a health conscious society, as their milk contains better fat as well as proteins, while its meat has high nutritional value. There are different types of goats that humans raise for companionship, meat, milk, wool, and other purposes. Dairy, Nigerian dwarf, Boer, Cashmere, Pygmy, and Mountain goats are some of the major types of goats that you will find at various part of the world.

Miniature goats are small sized goats bred from breeds like Cashmere, Australian field goats, Angora, Nubian, West African etc. Miniature goats are gentle, friendly, and adorable. They are curious, mischievous, as well as intelligent. The main advantage of miniature goats are that, they require lesser space.

They like to spend more time in outdoor conditions and hence suitable to rear at backyards of houses. Miniature goats have good life expectancy up to twenty years depending upon the care given to them.

There are miniature dairy goats with lineages from Nubians, Saanens, and Toggenburgs etc. Miniature dairy goats are suitable for small farms and houses that do not boast large area. An advantage is that they need lesser feed unlike the big goats, yet could give good volumes of milk. Miniature goats have quite astonishing influence over animals like horses cattle etc, hence they are widely used for accompanying these animals.

These goats get bored easily. Hence, one has to spend some quality time with them. Proper diet and regular checkups with veterinarians will help in maintaining the good health of these goats. You can buy miniature goats at a very young age of four to twelve weeks. You can bottle-feed it, and you will feel that they are more of like dogs. Miniature goats like having good brushing session.

Pygmy goat is the most popular and well-established miniature goat breed with West African origin .They are cute with their hairy coats as well as short stature. They are agile, smaller, as well as stocky. They do produce huge volume of milk despite their small size. How ever, they are not preferred for diary farming for milk and meat purpose. Pygmy goats breed through out the year continually.

Does' weigh around twenty three to thirty four kilogram range .While bucks weigh around twenty seven to thirty nine kilogram. Pygmy goats are there in various colours like solid black, various Caramel shades, and agouti shades.

Pygmy goats require living conditions that is cleaner. Their diet includes forages, grains, as well as clean water. Diet for each goat will depend on its age, size etc. You can house Pygmy goats in a small shed or larger doghouse. Provide proper bedding with the likes of sawdust, straw, or rubber mat. Male pygmy goats can become aggressive while they become adult, hence neutering is required.

Regular trimming of hooves and de-worming of the body is necessary. They are comfortable to low temperatures up to twenty degrees. Handling pygmy goats are easier, more over they are loveable, playful, and affectionate. These goats are primarily suitable as pets and good for shows as well as fairs.

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