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Dick Morris on Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

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Author: Stephen Oakes

The other night on Hannity & Colmes, Dick Morris, who is known for his political commentaries and unbiased outlook, stated that in general people have the wrong perception about Hillary's chances to win the Presidency of the United States.

He states that the Democratic nomination for Hillary is not necessarily guaranteed. In his opinion, if Al Gore were to run, there is a chance that he would siphon off votes from the left and make the race competitive. Even if Gore were to announce his bid for the presidency, Morris believes that Hillary would likely be nominated anyways.

In regards to winning the national office, Morris also says that Hillary's chances are better than you might think. She is consistently underestimated by members of both parties because the election will be one of momentous and historical porportions. First of all, this would be the first election ever in which a female was drafted to run for the presidency. Second, Hillary would be able to gain millions of new voters from single females across the country. Typically this voting bloc is one of the lowest participants in elections, only voting at 30%.

Finally, the Republicans are already maximizing their voting bases, especially among white males and married females. 65-70% of these groups already vote and it would be difficult for a Republican candidate to increase these percentages, especially when the country is already displeased with the Republican party.

The authors at Talk Left in an article titled, "Hillary, 2008 and the Women Vote" state:

"Hillary made a smart move in hiring Peter Daou to reach out to the netroots and bloggers. She's behind the curveball in her blogosphere efforts and she'll need our support and the buzz we can bring. But, she has time. She's running for the Senate in November, not the Presidency." (

To add to this important point I would also note that Hillary has over $20 million in funds that can be applied toward her presidential bid. This bottom line figure will also grow exponentially over time due to the fact that she faces no competition in her 2006 New York senate campaign and will likely be able to save most of what she raises through various fund-raisers.

About the author: Stephen Oakes

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