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Diamond Jewelry

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Author: Mercy Miller

Had there been a time that a guy proposes to a woman for a marriage without popping the one-in-a-million question "will you marry me?" Very unlikely. A wedding proposal is incomplete if the aspiring husband wouldn't dare to offer a marriage vow and commitment to the woman he love. And as a sign of his commitment for his lifetime endearment, diamond jewelry perfectly suits the occasion.

The interesting fact about the traditional offering of diamond jewelry as engagement presents is the value of the precious gem itself. Diamond is from the Greek word which literally translates the word "unbreakable." It's true that a relationship is usually based on trust, commitment and love. However, accessorizing the relationship with gifts in kind like diamond ring, earrings, pendants, bracelets and diamond necklace enhances a woman's self-worth in her role in the relationship.

Moreover, the virtue of a lasting relationship between an aspiring husband and a wife clearly replicate the subtle imperfections of any diamond jewelry. How is that? Consider the following facts and their relationship to every marriage vows:

- The intricacies of diamond jewelry

Natural-made diamonds are formed under the varying temperature beyond the oceanic plates and within the boundaries of the Earth's mantle. Extreme Earth's conditions may occur while diamonds develop in time. Is this not the same in marriage, that as husbands and wives remain in their vows, they both mature and grow in time as beautiful as the diamond?

- Diamond Jewelry and its imperfections

Impurities and imperfections usually depict inappropriate or the bad side of an image. For diamonds however, an impurity shines beautifully as light hits the gem. This is how diamond jewelry differ from other precious gems for their imperfections make them really beautiful not just for women but for men as well. This holds true for every married couple for there can never be a perfect marriage after the husband and wife utter their own vows of "I do" in front of the hundred witnesses. Minor mishaps in the marriage are like the impurities in every diamond jewelry gift you gave. Yet when nurtured in time, your relationship will stay as hard and beautiful as the diamond.

- The Investments of A Lifetime is curved in the stone

Diamond jewelry are really expensive but there are some that can afford to buy these stones. And for someone who wants the best for his wife, diamond jewelry are good investments. Precious gems and accessories bring a lot of goodness for someone who wears them. Wedding sets, an diamond engagement ring, diamond earrings, pendants, bracelets or the diamond bands can literally light up a woman's eyes. And since diamonds are typically called the "girl's best friend," wearing them everyday precisely elevates her self-worth. This scratch-free gemstone really do not wear out even on a daily use that's why diamond jewelry last for a lifetime.

Investing in diamond jewelry is just one step one has to undertake to win your woman's heart. Good thing that these days, you can buy some diamond jewelry for a fraction of their original cost through online jewelry auction.

See, when giving gifts of love and fortune and offering a lifetime of marriage with your woman, you can never go wrong with diamond jewelry for her. Online auctions offer affordable diamond jewelry options for gift for your loved one. You can scout for cheap diamond rings is some auction jewelry stores and see for yourself if these diamond jewelry represents your undying love for her.

About the author: Mercy Miller is passionate about writing articles on diamond jewelry, diamond engagement ring, diamond necklace, diamond ring, diamond earrings etc. visit =

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