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Designer Lighting Tips

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Author: Dan Brown

Lighting is important for every space, be it your house or your office. Light truly has the capability to change the environment and the way it appears. A mix and match of different lighting techniques helps us create magical effects in any area. Most of the people generally give no importance to lighting while they may spend hours designing the interiors for their homes. You need to remember that without proper lighting, your room will never be complete and would look dull, if poorly lighted. If you wish to enhance the beauty of your work or personal space, choose lighting that enhances the over all look of the place.

The lighting needs to be done according to the color scheme of the room and the whole house. If you have a space in your home that looks a bit unattractive, you can light it up with subtle lighting in order to make it appear bright and beautiful. Earlier, people used to mount just one light on the ceiling and got over with it. Now the scene is different and there a re a number of lights that you can place at different positions to create unique effects.

You can use down lighters if you wish to emphasize light on something specific. You can use these lights in the kitchen and make the space look god and bright. If you wish to use up lighters, make sure the ceiling is light in color and not dark. Dark color would absorb all the light while a light or white colored ceiling would reflect the light. You can even use wall washers that help distribute the light over the wall surface, thus lighting the whole room as well. If your house has a traditional look, you can use the decorative lighting to compliment the design of the room and make it look even more beautiful.

With the bedroom and the dining and lobby areas, proper lighting is also required in the kitchen area. It's important to use more than one light in the kitchen so that you can light up every nook and corner. Your workplace too needs special attention when it comes to lighting. Make good use of lighting to improve the look of your office and to make sure that it appears big.

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About the author: Dan is an interior designer in Los Angeles area. All material is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without permission.

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