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Depression : Inner Journey To Yourself!

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Author: Maria Parkinson

Depression is experienced worldwide and can strike at any time. You may feel numb, sad or apathetic. Life may lose its meaning and hopelessness may set in. It may feel as if this is the end of the road. You are intuitively right, but not in the sense you might think!

You see, you have come to a dead end in the sense that your life wants to take on a whole new meaning and expansion. In order to expedite that, it is necessary to release the things that have been holding you back.

You may feel the earth crumble beneath your feet as if the rug has been pulled from under you. That is actually very true: there are no foundations. Your old ones are no longer there, and the new ones have not yet arrived. To gain new learning you first need to empty out the old.

It is a time when you may be letting go of people in your life, parts of your personality or other things that you have outgrown in some way because they are no longer necessary for your next evolutionary step.

Spiritually speaking, depression is not viewed as an illness but rather an experience of being in the "void" or "emptiness" where one way path has ended but a new one has not yet arrived. This may feel like sitting in limbo.

There may be many times in our lives when we will enter this "void" to find clarity, shed our old ways and come back with a new sense of who we are.

Depression is a time of retreat and review. It is a period when we ask ourselves who we are, where we are going, what our role is and what our abilities are. Learning to trust and have faith in a benevolent universe can help us get through hard times, even if we cannot undertstand why certain things had to happen the way they did.

At other times, depression can provide a way out of having to face making a difficult decision. It is our friend in that it buys us time.

Depression, may be easier to experience, if seen as a way to uncover your own wisdom and learning to help you move forward in life, rather than a mental illness to be resisted.

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