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Dating Tips for Women - 3 Steps to Make Someone Like You

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Author: Teecee Go

If you are interested in someone, it is not as easy as it might appear to make him like you too. However, you will have an easier time if you know the correct approach. The following are the 3 steps to make someone like you that will increase your chances of success.

Change the way you view yourself

There are people who can't stand themselves; they hate the way they look and act. One of the 3 steps to make someone like you is to like yourself first of all. Change the way you look at yourself in order to change someone's view towards you. Start appreciating yourself, love yourself, treat yourself well, and this will be a step towards making someone like you.

Know how the person in question regards you

Another important step in making someone to like you knows how that person looks at you. This is very important, as it will give you confidence to try harder to win their trust. You will be able to determine the areas that you need to make changes on so that you can be more interesting to him. If you want to change his perception, you should start by changing yourself.

Avoid creating tension, especially with your conversation

You should try your level best to avoid bringing up topics or subjects that will make the other person uncomfortable. While conversing, it is always important to know what you are going to say and put in mind the reaction the other person will have if you brought up the topic. If you feel you want to talk to the person in question about the topic you know will make him uncomfortable, the best thing to do is to change the subject as soon as possible.

The above 3 steps to make someone like you are very important and they must be followed to yield results. Learn the art of patience as you put them to practice. The best things in life hardly come overnight. One should be careful when doing all this and you should not show the person in question that you are desperate because he will have many questions in mind as to why you are trying hard to please him.

Do not make your intentions sound bad to the person because that is exactly the way he will see you. If you are doing him little favors, make your intentions clear to make him accept whatever you are doing so that he can give you a chance to do more without doubting your intentions or thinking that you may be interested in something in return. If he knows that you are hiding something from him, it will be easier for him to lose confidence in you, forcing you to start on the first step to be able to win him over again, which will be more challenging.

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