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Dating Tips For Men: Common Mistakes You’ve Probably Made

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Author: Joe J.Anderson

Do you know how the word's greatest seduction gurus got to where they are today?

By making mistakes.

No man, even those we call "naturals," learns how to succeed with women without screwing it up every once in a while. You can read all of the dating tips for men that you can get your hands on, but in the long run you'll never figure out what works and what doesn't until you've experimented, made a million mistakes, and learned from them.

To make that process go a little bit more quickly for you, I've written "Dating Tips For Men: Common Mistakes You've Probably Made," a list of errors, gaffes, and blunders that are holding you back:

1. Revealing too much too soon. Giving a woman a lot of information about yourself right away doesn't make you friendly - it makes you less mysterious and interesting.

2. Focusing so much on sex that she thinks you're desperate. A woman likes a man who is comfortable with sex and sexuality, but not one who's obsessed with it.

3. Narcissism. Confidence is good. Vanity is not. Make sure you're not crossing the line in hopes of coming off as alpha.

4. Trying to buy her affection. Don't waste your money on drinks, dinners, flowers, gifts, etc. There's no harm in doing it every once in a while, but if you do it all the time she'll know that you think of yourself as a low-value man who has nothing to offer except his money.

5. Being too agreeable. Most men think that a woman will like them if they pretend to agree with everything she says. It's always exciting to meet someone we have things in common with, but she'll see through it if you're faking it.

6. Tunnel vision. You're not going to learn how to be a ladies man if you're focused on only one lady!

And the single worst mistake men often make is:

7. Not getting help. If something's not working, learn how to fix it! The internet is the place to start the learning process.

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