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Custom Jewelry, Informationa and Buying Tips

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Custom Jewelry, Information And Buying Tips.

Custom jewelry includes any jewelry that is made according to design details provided by the buyer. There are various reasons why jewelry buyers opt for custom jewelry instead of buying standard ready made jewelry.

The main reasons for ordering custom made jewelry would include the following:

(1) Requirement of a very specific design that is not common and popular: A family ring would be a good example of custom jewelry. A buyer who loves cats and dogs might want to have a ring that shows a cat and a dog sitting next to each other on the same ring. The probablility of getting standard jewels of this type is slim and custom jewelry is the only option.

(2) A design that is a combination of other designs: Buyers often come up with requirements that can combine certain features of two or three rings into one single ring. The texture from one ring might be combined with the gemstone mounting of another. When such specific requirements are revealed, custom made jewelry can deliver the exact results required.

(3) Requirement of high end craftsmanship: Standard mass produced jewelry does not have the kind of high end craftsmanship that is expected for custom jewelry. On the other hand custom jewelry is almost always produced in single pieces and requires individual attention from skilled craftsmen. Most of the work for custom jewelry is done by hand and perfect handfinishing is provided.

(4) The need for large sized jewelry: You might find the perfect ring of your dreams, the design and gemstones could be exactly what you want however, your ring size might not be available. The choice in such a case is to order custom jewelry that is specifically made to your size requirement.

Here is some advice on buying custom jewelry:

(1) Good gemstones for the price paid: Mass produced jewelry are normally produced with medium to low quality gemstones. This is done in a bid to keep prices down and cater to low priced markets. Very often reject quality gemstones are used and gemstone defects are sought to be covered up with cleverly designed mountings. Ensure that the gemstones used in your custom jewelry are the best quality for the price paid.

(2) Good Gold Weight: Your custom jewelry should have a good weight. This is helpful in more ways thank one. Firstly, the good weight will ensure that your custom jewelry does not bend and twist at the slightest excuse. The good gold content will also allow the gemstones to be firmly mounted and also protect the edges and corners of the gemstone from side impact.

(3) Highend Craftsmanship: Custom jewelry is individually made in single pieces and is therefore more expensive as compared to standard mass produced jewelry. Good quality custom jewelry needs expert craftsmen and most of the work is handmade. The details on the custom jewel should be handfinished and perfect. Insist in getting the best craftsmanship for the premium price you pay for custom jewelry.

(4) Choice of Gold and Gemstones: Select your choice of 14k or 18k gold for your custom jewelry. There is also the choice of white gold or yellow gold to be made and make sure that your jeweller gives you this choice. Many jewellers push buyers into ordering 18k gold for custom jewelry. The reason is simple, 18k gold is more expensive and provides better profit margins to the seller. The second reason is that 18k gold is softer as compared to 14k gold and therefore more easier to work with. These reasons do not always make 18k gold good for you. There are some cases where the hardness of 14k gold is a better choice. This could be the case for male rings and also rings that have a fine and delicate design.

(5) Long Term Durability: Get complete design details of your custom jewelry and ask for comments of the seller. The gemstone mounting, gold weight and design details will all work together to decide the durability of your custom jewelry. A good jeweller will provide complete guidance and advice before you make the buying decision. If your jeweller seems over eager about pushing you to order without complete information, get another jeweller.

(6) Design Flexibility: Since custom jewelry is supposed to be specially made, you should have the option to request for any design modifications that you need. There should be no limitation on this and a good custom jeweller should allow you to send in your own designs to be custom made too. A jeweller who tries to restrict design flexibility is most likely trying to sell you a standard jewel as a custom jewel. All you end up getting is a higher price. Watch out for such gimmicks and avoid such jewellers.

(7) Value The Jeweller: Not all jewelry buyers are experts, few buyers have indepth knowledge about gemstones and various jewelry design technics. In most cases you would have to rely on the advice of your jeweller so, get one that you can trust. Spend time reading the feedback from customers of your jeweller, this would point to important information regarding the capability of your jeweller. It is rightly said that, in the case of custom jewelry you need to value the jeweller before you value the jewelry.

We do hope that you have found this article to be useful. The trend to order custom jewelry is growing in recent years and it is important that, custom jewelry buyers get all the benefits for which they in fact pay a premium price.

You can see a few examples of high end custom jewelry at this link:

Will be back with more gemstone and jewelry information.

Thanks and God Bless.

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Senior Executive at the world's leading online provider of high end custom jewelry. All custom jewelry is made with high end craftsmanship, in white or yellow gold. All gemstone options are available.

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