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Costa del Sol Hot Tubs - Are You Ready

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Author: John Lewis

Are you prepared to Take the plunge and purchase a Hot Tub Jacuzzi style Spa in Marbella Spain !

Now comes the interesting and perhaps exciting, comparing, choosing and finally selecting.

You may have many questions to ask just fire away.

Here are just a few pointers to make sure that you don't buy a dog fish or a weng wang woo spa !!!!

First off is the shell of the Hot Tub made of a branded American Acrylic such as Lucite or Quarite.

If not, why not, as these two are acknowledged as making some of the best acrylic for Hot Tub Jacuzzi Spas in the world.

If the shell is made out of these materials it is your very own assurance that your choice of a Hot Tub will give you many years of beauty, pleasure, and satisfaction.

Always try the lipstick test on the shell and see if it just wipes off as it should? If it does not, then that gives you the clue that, the surface is slightly porous and as such will hold germs and bacteria.

If you can feel under the edge of the Acrylic you should do so and try and see if you can feel its strength or possible weakness, if it feels damp to touch or perhaps crumbly it gives you a clue that the shell is not properly cured. I personally would not buy a tub if the shell felt like that and I have seen many that fit that description.

It always pays to probe that little bit beneath the surface and just do not simply listen to the patter of some zombie like sales man or woman just repeating a script.

Second off try and buy a spa with Balboa Controls a company from Balboa in California one of the worlds leading manufacturers and well known for reliability and accessibility of spares even after 20 or more years.

Third off buy a spa which is made by a leading American or Western manufacturer preferably with decades of years of experience and therefore they will have had the time and experience to be able to design and construct models where the components naturally work well together.

Leading manufacturers those with many decades of experience have been able to adopt adapt and improve on their technically advanced systems in order to be able to allow performance from the pumps, heaters and blowers to give you the very best aqua flow to provide an excellent Hydro Massage.

Water Jets are placed scientifically in order to best deliver the flow of water to your body's pressure points, while still allowing you to control the intensity of the flow and pressure as required.

Thus a good well balanced properly designed and engineered product will lead to an outstanding hydrotherapy massage. One is able to enjoy a vigorous or perhaps soothing massage ' with the ability to be able to customize and modify your massage experience to suit your mood.

In summary buy the best spa you can afford but make sure that you do not buy a cheap eastern import or a dog fish hot tub. Look ot for proper branded acrylic and Balboa hot tub controls and always aim for a manufacturer who has been making this type of product for many years. A very good Acid test is to see if your hot tub dealer is on first name terms with the owners and directors of the suppliers. Much more difficult if they based are in China!!!!

About the author: The author Jacuzzi John markets luxury Hot Tubs in Spain on the Costa Del Sol and for more information his web site is at

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