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Corporate Magic - Tricks Aren't Just For Kids

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Author: Anders Boulanger

Magic Isn't Just For Children

When people think of hiring a magician for a party, what comes to mind are images of balloon animals, guys in goofy hats, and lots of screaming children with cake all over their faces. But magicians aren't just for children's parties anymore. In fact, many magicians perform full time and never do children's parties. These professional entertainers can turn any corporate event into a show you and your attendees, be they from your own company or from without, won't forget.

For the Company Retreat

The company retreat is something many employees have grown to dread. After all, what's appealing about spending a weekend with people you see every day learning to be a team by building a tower of furniture? To alleviate some of this grumbling, hire a magician to entertain your fellow employees during the evening break or for a fun afternoon session. It will certainly add something new and different to the weekend retreat and will make it much more appealing to your attendees.

For the Convention

If you're hosting a large event for many attendees like a professional conference or convention, a magician is also a great addition to your lineup. You might already have several professional speakers or presentations in addition to break-out groups, but all of those speakers are work-related (or at least on the same general subject as the rest of the conference). Your attendees will appreciate at least one session that's completely off topic and allows them to relax and have a good time. A magician is the perfect form of entertainment for this.

Why? Because a magic show appeals to nearly everyone. If you hired a band, for example, you would have the problem of trying to find a group that plays music that will appeal to a large number of your attendees. Likewise, finding a comedian that's not going to offend specific attendees can be difficult. A magician, however, can put on a performance that everyone will enjoy.

If you're convention includes a meet and greet or an area where attendees mingle or go from booth-to-booth looking at displays, you can even hire some magicians to walk around performing smaller tricks. This can be a lot of fun for attendees since, unlike with the stage show, they will get to personally interact with the magician and take part in the magic.

No matter what event you're planning or what you need a magician for, adding a little magic to your agenda can spice up just about anything. Next time you're looking for entertainment, look into hiring a magician to create a magical event for your attendees.

About the author: Anders Boulanger is a professional corporate entertainer, magician and speaker. He makes his living performing for corporations all across Canada and the U.S. Visit his website at

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