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Copywriting Secrets - How To Write Killer Website Copy

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Author: Alex Cleanthous

I always get the same question when it comes to website design…

"Is website copy really that important?"

Well, if you're interested in actually making a profit from anything you do online, it's CRITICAL that you have killer website copy!

Now I know what you're probably thinking…

What is killer website copy?

Writing killer website copy simply means using words on your website that are SO GOOD that anyone who is interested in what you are selling is COMPELLED to do business with you… right now!

The best way to write copy for your website is to imagine you are right there with your prospect selling him / her on the benefits of doing business with your company over all others.

Here's a quick exercise…

Imagine you have a 'hot' lead that is ready to buy and is enquiring about what you are selling…

Imagine that you only have one chance to convince them that your offering is the best in the market…

What would you say?

How would you say it?

What would you have to say to convince somebody to buy from you right here, right now?

Write the answers to the above questions down. This is your sales presentation.

Now that you have the answers to the above questions, you need to answer the objections as well. Remember, you are not actually there with them, but they will definitely have objections.

You only have one opportunity to get them to buy your offering. And if you leave any objections unanswered, you risk losing them forever.

So what would the possible objections be? Write them down.

And how would you answer them? Write down your answers.

Then combine your sales presentation with your objection handling and you have your core sales pitch.

Now it's time to rewrite your copy.

Go over the entire copy and rewrite it so it flows. And when you are rewriting the copy the most important thing to remember is to…


Don't write like you are a big institution (unless you are). You will get far greater results by writing like you talk.

Write like you are sitting right there with them 'talking' to them. Use stories, examples, sub-headings, bullets and, most importantly, a headline.

Usually, I recommend writing at least 50 to 100 different versions of a headline and then selecting the best headline from the list.


The headline is the most important part of your website because it is reason that most of your website visitors will continue to read your sales copy. Without a great headline, hardly anybody will read your website copy.

About the author: Alex Cleanthous runs a full service online marketing agency helping businesses generate profits from the Internet. For a free report on The 6 Critical Steps To Generating Profits Online visit

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