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Confucius says, Choose An Affiliate Program Wisely

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Author: Jason Pearson

Online affiliate marketing has been widely declared the easiest way to make money online. It is true that there are many different and rewarding opportunities to earn plenty of affiliate commission. What many internet Guru's forget to remind others is that you should not latch on to the first affiliate program you may come across. There are important issues to look into before saying, "Sign me up."

A smart question to ask yourself when considering an affiliate program is just who does the program cater to? Many such programs are very particular in their target markets, such as vehicles, sports, animals, or hobbies. Before hitching your business to a the affiliate cart, make sure it is a program you can have some passion for, and believe in. So if you are an animal lover, who is all about animal rights and so forth you may not want to sign up for an affiliate program for a meat packing plant, there would be a definite conflict of interests.

What kind of plan does the affiliate program use? You should look into whether they use pay-per-click, pay-per-sale, or pay-per-lead. You would not want to rush into a program that pays pay-per-lead if that is not a situation that would meet your own goals in income. You will also want to look into the amount of paid affiliate commission. Every affiliate program will pay differently, so take the tie to compare and find the best pay options for you. You wouldn't want to settle for a program that pays 10% when you could have signed up for a program that shells out 30% of each sales. Everyone is in it for their own betterment, make sure you get the best deal available to you.

Your ultimate goal is to get a pay check for your services, that brings us to a very important detail to get confirmed, how will you be paid? You will want to find out the minimum pay out, and what is their method of payment. Will you be receiving a check once a month? Will they wire you your earnings? Is Pay-Pal their tool of choice? Since pay is what you are in it for make sure you know when and how your money will be getting to you.

Don't forget to ask questions, the affiliate programs want your business, they will be happy to answer anything you can throw at them. Take your time to research the program, list all of it's pros and cons, and get answers to anything you may want to know. So remember to slow down and think things out before making a decision, and you will find yourself the perfect affiliate program fit.

About the author: Jason Pearson is an online marketing expert who wants to share his secrets with the world. To find out more visit

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