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Commercial Iced Tea Brewers

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Author: Joyce Kaaland

Cecilware offers a variety of commercial iced tea brewers for different needs. There "TB" series offers iced tea brewers and iced tea dispensers. These iced tea brewers, which must have a water feed line to them, have a low temperature lockout system that keeps the brewer from brewing until the water has reached the proper temperature. This series of brewers also has a brew time adjustment that controls the brewing time. This brewer brews directly through the lid into three (3) and five (5) gallon sized dispensers. Cecilware also offers a pourover brewer for the three (3) gallon size dispenser. These Cecilware brewers are made of stainless steel and include a plastic funnel with each brewer. A stainless steel funnels can be purchased. Both funnels require a filter. The brewers run on standard 120 volt 15 amp circuit. Cecilware also offers a graphic wrap appropriate for each sized dispenser; check with Cecilware for details. All the "TB" series is UL, CUL, NSF listed.

The "TB" Series have separate bases for the three and five gallon dispensers. This allows the brewing into one sized container and then putting in a remote area on its appropriate base. Meanwhile, another brew can be taking place into another dispenser of the same size. The dispensers when placed on the stand have an eight (8) inch cup clearance. When serving a large amount of iced tea within a facility at different locations this series offers real advantages for that.

The FTC Series Iced Tea Brewers and Dispensers offer fresh brewed iced tea with real tea leaves or flow through filter packs. This Series offers a three (3) gallon and five (5) gallon sized stainless steel dispenser and a three (3) gallon pourover model with the same three (3) gallon stainless steel dispenser as well.

The "S" series stainless steel iced tea dispensers are easy to clean and have a no-drip faucet. These dispensers come in a two (2), three (3), three and a half (3.5), five (5) and ten (10) gallon sizes. All but the 10 gallon are 9.25 inches in diameter. Curved handles can be added to the top of these dispensers for easier handling and a sight glass can be added to see the amount available in the dispenser. There is a 7 inch faucet clearance on the 3 and 5 gallon size dispensers and a 9 inch faucet clearance on the ten gallon dispenser, which is 11.75 inches in diameter and 26.5 inches high. These dispensers can be placed on a table or counter anywhere.

For a less formal setting, the "T1W" series plastic iced tea dispenser is light weight and made of durable plastic. The square dispenser on top offers product visibility. This dispenser holds three (3) gallons of iced tea that is dispensed with a faucet. When offering a lot of freshly brewed iced tea in one place this has some advantages.

Liquid tea concentrate dispensers accept jugs or bag-in-a-box products in the machine or can be adapted for a remote bag-in-a-box. A remote bag-in-a-box can be placed up to 6 feet away. The bag-in-a-box concentrate is mixed with water using industry standard ratios. Standard is five parts water to one part product or can be dispensed at 11 parts water to 1 part concentrate depending on the product. Other ratios can be arranged when ordering. The faucet clearance is 7.75 inches on the two (2) faucet and four (4) faucet model. A .25 inch water line adjusted at 30 p.s.i. (pounds per square inch) is required. A full color label comes standard; a cull graphic wrap is available at an additional cost. These dispensers are great for restaurants, bars, and any place where large amounts of tea could be "on tap."

About the author: Joyce owns and is very knowledgeable about commercial coffeemakers having worked with churches on appliance choices for there commercial kitchens. She has written information on how to take care of coffeemakers, espresso machines and why one year warranties are not a bad thing on her blog site:

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