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College Placement for Today's Students

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Author: Dustin Hubbard

It is so easy to go through high school and never think about what college or university you want to attend. In fact probably over 60% of high school students don’t even begin to think of where they want to go for college until their senior year. And if the parents were anything like me, they had no idea of the ins and outs of college placement. This includes what the best colleges are to apply to that fit your child’s performance in high school according to their grades, extracurricular activities, their goals and interests. And to take those schools that do fit the grade and match them up to what your child is actually looking for in a college or university. To say the least, college placement is a very detailed process. If you can do all this on your own, that is great. Your local high school counselors and college center are there to help as much as possible as well as work- shops at your local community college.

There are other ways to get the help you might need and that is through education consultation firms. Most of these college placement consultant firms have done this process a lot and have your child’s interest at heart. They are there to help find the right college for each student based on their needs and qualifying specifics. This allows the consulting firm to help each client or student show their most positive attributes on their admission applications and to also guide the way to producing a college essay that is well prepared and shows a good example of their skills to the admissions office at the college or university. A College placement consultant service can also show potential student and their parents the various ways to get offers for financial assistance. The financial aid process at times can be daunting and any help is usually appreciated in this area. It is also helpful to students that need to access and apply to appropriate graduate and professional school programs

By employing such a consulting service it can reduce the amount of stress related to the admissions process of the colleges and universities and enable the potential student to have a positive experience at a crucial moment in their lives.

Some points to remember when looking for college placement are that most colleges and universities accept students with wide ranges of GPA’s and test scores. Each college will usually say what their cutoff score is for admissions. If you know your score is below the cutoff point this information allows you to hire a tutor and take test preps in advance to help boost your final score.

1.Begin preparing for college no later than January of your junior year of high school. This will be after you have received your final PSAT score and are now ready to take either the SAT or ACT.

2.Do your college visiting on a school day. This lets you see exactly what happens on campus during class time.

3.Ask your high school counselor or teacher to write you a recommendation letter. Most will be more than glad to do this for you.

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