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Coilovers For A Better Suspension

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Author: Louie Liu

A coliover is a suspension component. It is made of a combination of two suspension components. One is a suspension spring and the other is a hydraulic shock absorber. The name coliover is short for coil over strut. The coil refers to the spring and the strut refers to the shock absorber.

The combination of two technologies that preceded the coilover, that is the suspension spring and the hydraulic sock absorber, make coilovers more technologically advanced and effective. Though it may seem that the engine would involve some of the most complex engineering in an automobile the fact is that the car's suspension requires some of the most advanced engineering.

Though individually a shock absorber and a suspension spring are pretty simple to set up, since a coilover is a combination of the two, the set up becomes more involved. This complexity is beneficial though, since now the suspension can be customized to suit different load and driving conditions. Not all coilovers make the ride more comfortable, some may in fact make it harder, but this will be to make the suspension more robust so that it can take heavier loads.

Coilovers involve complicated engineering and their installation involves complex considerations as well. However not all persons dealing in and installing coilovers are sufficiently knowledgeable about them. As a consequence there is a lot misinformation and myths about coilovers.

If you are technically inclined you should try to read about coilovers in some depth. If you are not technically inclined or you do not have the time for it you can look for a professional who has quality knowledge about coilovers.

Quality car aftermarket product vendors, who sell products such as custom body kits are also likely to be selling coilovers. A quality vendor will also give you honest advice about coilovers and their suitability for your vehicle.

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You may require a custom suspension to make your ride more comfortable or you may need it for high performance driving. If you are going to customize the suspension of your car you should consider coilovers.

About the author: Louie Liu has been in the car aftermarket products industry for 5 years. He has specialized in body kits, headlights, cold air intakes and other aftermarket products. You can learn about a wide range ofCoilover and Coilover Kits at his site

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