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Choosing a Photographer for Your Wedding

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Author: Derrick Anderson

People don't get married very often. Most marriages are planned to be the only or final time down the isle for the couple involved. Because of this, it is important that the occasion is recorded in a way that can be kept for years to come. Traditional wedding photography remains the most popular way to do this.

With everything that needs to be planned for a wedding, some things can be overlooked that may cause problems down the road. Photography is an art and there are subtle differences in the approach to different areas of expertise.

Even within wedding photography there is different styles to choose from. A contemporary style uses different backgrounds, poses, and angles to create images that different from most people's idea of a wedding photo. These photos are very creative and unique and fit some couples very well. A traditional style uses a lot of still poses of the couple and of family and friends. This has been the status quot of wedding photography for years and is still a popular choice. One style that is gaining popularity is the photo-journalistic style. These photos are taken throughout the wedding events following and provide a chronological narration of the day. These photos are often taken without most people knowing and can create very fun albums.

Meet the photographer well in advance of the special day. Have a discussion about the style you want and make sure they are comfortable with it. Get to know the photographer and make sure you and your future spouse are comfortable with them. Don't forget to discuss how many photos you want taken, where they will be taken, the rate they charge, and any other questions you may have.

Take a visit to the location where most of the photos will be taken. If this is the same as the wedding location you might want to take a visit with only the photography in mind. You can see how the light will land and if lighting needs to be added or removed. You can have a friend or family member take some practice photos to get an idea of poses or shots you may want to be taken later. These pictures can also be added to a scrapbook or wedding album.

If you are going to have a large wedding party it may be a good idea to appoint a family member or close friend to be in charge of directing the photography. This person can make sure that all of the people that are supposed to be in a photo are present and not left out. This will expedite the photography process and help with keeping you from being too overloaded with responsibilities on your special day.

Remember that weddings are supposed to be fun and don't be afraid of having fun with the photography. The easiest photos to take are often the most cherished memories later on in life. Plan ahead and communicate your wishes to the photographer and everything will go smoothly.

About the author: Derrick is a amateur photographer that helps with his family photography businesses from time to time. He runs an epic fail site at that features photos.

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