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Chocolate Gifts

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Author: Mabel Dawn van Niekerk

When we think of chocolate we visualize a beautifully packaged box of chocolates or a bar of our favorite brand of chocolate. What about liquid chocolate? Drinking chocolate made from pure chocolate is totally delicious. What could be nicer on a cold night than a mug of steaming hot chocolate? Hot chocolate and hot cocoa drinks come in various flavors as well. This is a comfort beverage that young and old can enjoy and is as delectable as any chocolate bar.

Chocolate can be traced way back in history - about two thousand years ago. The cacao trees grew in the rain forests and were an object of worship by the Mayan people - an ancient civilization. They believed these trees were of divine origin so they named them cacao, which means "food of the gods". Even though they had not yet thought of sweetening the drink made from the cacao beans they knew that they had stumbled onto something good!

Only many years later someone thought of turning the cacao bean into delectable chocolate, as we know it today. The first chocolate was made in Switzerland and they are still known as the best chocolatiers in the world. There are many other countries that have caught up with them and delicious chocolates are available in most countries around the world. What usually makes chocolates different from country to country, are the ingredients of the centers.

Chocolate has been found to have many health benefits for both men and women. Cocoa contains trace elements and nutrients that are essential to good health. This is great news, as chocolates make the perfect gift for any occasion and for any age group!

About the author: I enjoy researching and then writing articles about subjects that will interest the general public.

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