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Change How You Think About Having A Smaller List Today

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Author: Izrul Fizal -

"Money is in the list." How many times have you heard that? Would it be better if you can make money online without the list? It would, but it also means you are not going to get that 6 figure income anytime soon.

You need to know that your list is an asset for the rest of your life as long as you remain to make money online. Don't feel discourage when you see other people are having thousands of list - many lists does not mean you are going to make money online if the lists have a poor respond. In other words, it is not a targeted list.

Get at least 10 targeted people into your list everyday. In one month, it will grow until 300 people. If you maintain making money online for one year, your list will grow up to 3,600 people. One year to have that much is not bad at all. Why aim for the big fish that will not bite, while the small fish is waiting in line just to get hook?

Whatever it is, to make money online, by hook or by crook you will need your own list. You will have to be patience to get that list everyday. Here are several tips that you can use to increase the number of your lists.

Test a short copy format for your landing page. Depending on the information offered, you may be better avoiding a long, grandiose sales page. Instead, stick to some important bullet points and make an attempt to fit at least 15% of the opt-in form above the fold, so visitors can at least guess that it is coming up. You will make money online easily this way.

Create 'viral' videos. Each of these videos should contain some type of specific tip about your business and should refer watchers back to your site. It might even be a good idea to display the URL of your opt-in list in the corner of each video. Find partners who are interested in showing these videos to their list members and site visitors. Most business partners want to make money online by having a great tool to show to their list.

Start the marketing funnel for your list at free. Accept everyone, including tire kickers and people who only have marginal interest in your topic. From there, weed out the tire kickers from the serious buyers. Give your list members the option to upgrade to a higher-level membership, which offers more benefits or regular discounts.

Take what you have learned in this article and begin working now to get your own list. Just believe in yourself, you can make money online even with a smaller list. The trick is to take good care of your list all the time.

About the author: Izrul Fizal has made a living earning himself a residual income every month. Visit his website Make Money Online at and to find out how.

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