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Causes of Hit and Run Cases in Los Angeles

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Author: Mark Dacanay

When involved in a vehicular accident, all motorists are required by law to stop their vehicle, exchange information with the other drivers and provide assistance to those who are injured.

Failing to do so may be considered as a hit and run case.

Hit and run cases in Los Angeles have been common in primetime news.

Just recently a 14-year old boy died after the bike he was riding was struck by an unknown motorist. The boy died on the street with no witnesses at the scene.

People, especially the parents, are left to wonder if the boy could have been saved if the driver just stopped and helped.

Hit and run cases happen for various reasons.

In most cases, panic is the main cause of the accident. Car accidents happen so fast that some drivers become clueless of what they should do afterwards.

Unfortunately, most try to take the easy way out by leaving the scene and hoping that it will just go away.

Another cause of hit and run accidents is DUI.

Driving while under the influence severely impedes driving skills and increases the risk of a vehicle collision.

It also impedes good judgment because instead of stopping, some motorists choose to leave the scene.

The lack of car accident insurance may also cause a driver to hit and run.

Almost all states require drivers to have limited liability coverage on their car accident insurance policy.

Drivers who do not have this type of insurance are illegal drivers and do not want to get caught in an accident, let alone be responsible for one. So they take off from the accident as fast as they can.

Whatever the cause, one thing is the same. They all are trying to escape their responsibility from the car accident hoping that they were not identified.

Fortunately, that is not usually the case.

The police usually identify the car and therefore the driver through clues left at the scene. These could include tire marks and witness accounts about the car like its color, model and plate number.

Hit and run drivers are caught sooner or later.

In California, hit and run drivers can be convicted of felony charges especially if the accident resulted in injury, certain amount of property damages or death.

Not to mention the personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits that he will receive from the victim or their family.

A Los Angeles hit and run accident attorney can help the victim or the family in pursuing damages brought by the injuries or death caused by the accident either through a settlement or through litigation.

In case the driver is not identified, the hit and run accident lawyer can also help the victim in filing for compensation from their insurance company under the uninsured motorist coverage.

Under the law, if there is no way to identify a hit and run driver, that motorist will be considered as an uninsured motorist.

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