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Castle-like B&B on Oregon Coast Changes Name

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Author: Andre' Hagestedt

The stunning, castle-like bed and breakfast formerly called St. Bernard's Bed & Breakfast now has a new name. St. Bernard's has added another business partner, changed its name to Arch Cape House, and is in the middle of other shifts in direction.

This fall, owner Barbara Dau joined forces with a new business partner, on-and-off Arch Cape resident Robert Shaw. The result was St. Bernard's B&B becoming Arch Cape House and an array of other interesting plans.

The upscale lodging - just south of Cannon Beach, in Arch Cape - has a distinctive architecture, built to resemble something between a castle and northwest ski lodge. It boasts gourmet, home-cooked breakfasts, a wine social hour, and unique rooms filled with antiques.

The new name is designed to make it easier to remember and identify the lodging's location, said Shaw. The new name also works better with their revamped website,, allowing web surfers to more quickly notice the location.

"There's a new partner, a new website, and we just thought it was a good time to change everything," said Shaw. "We're just trying to really let people know where we are and that here they can get great food, hospitality and that unique architecture - all overlooking the beaches of Arch Cape."

Dau and Shaw are planning other changes and additions, including wine tasting dinners, featuring local artists, cross promotions with other businesses and events in Cannon Beach, and a garden that will grow food for Dau's legendary breakfasts.

Shaw is taking master gardener classes in preparation. "I want to grow herbs for our own food," Shaw said. "So we'll have organic foods for Barbara's cooking. Hopefully we'll get to grow more, like tomatoes and other vegetables too."

New bungalows on the property are also in the planning stages, which would serve as vacation rentals.

Shaw comes from the fishing industry and the tech industry, most recently having worked with AT&T and IBM, installing telecommunications equipment and software. Shaw ran his own fishing boat business for 15 years, sailing between the coasts of Oregon and Alaska. In the 90's, he entered the tech world. His experience includes marketing on the Internet and various kinds of business management, as well as telecommunications technology.

His family has been in the Arch Cape since the 30's. His parents also run a small lodging there.

Shaw is bringing much of his tech and marketing knowledge to revamping the approach of many aspects of Arch Cape House. Shaw and Dau are looking at adding wireless Internet access. Shaw has already done much with their website, including a much larger presence on the Net and online booking for the lodging - which he says is currently responsible for a growing chunk of business at Arch Cape House.

The intertwining of promotions with other businesses has already begun. Arch Cape House has linked some lodging specials and packages with EVOO Cooking School in Cannon Beach and with Seaside's Oregon Dixieland Jubilee on February 24 - 26.

Arch Cape House is on East Ocean Rd., just north of the Arch Cape Tunnel. 800-436-2848.

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About the author

Andre' Hagestedt is editor of Beach Connection - found - a tourism publication that covers the upper half of Oregon's coast, some 180 miles.

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