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Can Amberen Cause Problems?

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Author: Sarah Cox

Amberen is a natural product designed for menopause relief. In this article I will look at whether or not there are any problems associated with the product and whether or not Amberen is safe to be used.

Amberen's website claims that they have multiple studies which confirm that Amberen is in fact safe. They have even been FDA approved. But does this mean that it is actually safe to be taken in one of the most vulnerable times of our lives? Can this product affect the hormone imbalance even more?

Firstly, it is important to look at what Amberen actually contains. It is mostly made up of succinate salts which work to improve the balance of hormones in the body. There are no chemicals in the box and it is nothing like Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Having said this, some women will find that they experience mild side effects when taking Amberen. Most women complain of headaches at the start which should start to go away after about a week or two. If they don't then you might want to stop taking it.

Fortunately, the side effects don't really get much worse unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients. Some women have reported losing excess weight when taking Amberen but this is only because they have gained additional weight through the symptoms of menopause and are simply returning back to their natural state.

In conclusion, Amberen is a relatively safe product and can be used without many problems. If you are worried, I suggest that you go for a trial and see if it is right for you.

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About the author: Sarah Cox has been working with menopause patients for over twenty years and recently went through menopause herself. She created the website to help women who are considering natural menopause remedies.

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