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Camper Van Insurance -- Save a Bit of Money on Your Camper Insurance

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Author: Peter Fitzpatrick

When someone who has a no claims discount has an accident, the discount is generally reduced by two years. This occurs only if you make a claim. All claims must be made under a camper van insurance policy. Unless your insurer is able to recover the losses from the accident from another party responsible for the accident, your no claims discount will be affected.

However, in the event that they can recover those costs, or are only prevented from doing this because of their agreements with the other party's insurance provider, your discount may survive intact. If you are able to cover your own losses, including the damage excess on your policy, you may also be able to avoid losing your no claims discount in that way.

If your camper van insurance company is expecting you to make a claim soon, or if there is a claim in process, you may still find that your discount is reduced when the time comes to renew. Should this occur, your discount can still be reinstated. Your insurance provider must not pay out on the policy for this to happen.

If you wish to avoid losing your no claims discount, even if you have an accident, inquire how much it will cost to protect against claims. Compared to the amount you'll have to pay should you lose the discount, the protection money required is much smaller. Because of this, it can be a good idea to pay a little bit to retain your larger savings.

About the author

Peter Fitzpatrick is a Marketing Professional for many of the UK's Leading Commercial Insurance companies. With 20 years worth of commercial insurance experience, for companies including: Norwich Union, Churchill and Zurich. To learn more on camper van insurance visit his website

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