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Buying a Waterpark 101

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Author: Robert Edwards

While there are many tangible benefits obtained by installing a waterpark, it is often the intangible ones that often may play a crucial role in the buying decision.

There is a heightened level of excitement in children seen at an aquatic playground. Squeals of joy are the norm, as children race around both cooling off, and getting beneficial exercise.

If it is within your budget waterparks provide maximum fun for your children. If you have ever watched children playing at a waterpark you likely have observed a level of excitement typically unseen in regular day to day play. Waterparks are considered by many as the pinnacle of playground fun.

Additionally playing in an interactive environment stimulates children's minds and keeps them active.

Another point to consider is that waterparks are extremely safe. As there is zero water accumulation there is no possibility of drowning. A waterpark will generally be less of an investment than a swimming pool, and require less overall care and maintenance.

Elements of a waterpark are flexible and can be adjusted to reflect the park size, shape and surroundings. Components can be above ground, such as in the case of arches, columns or watercannons, or below ground such as a "Liquid jail" or spray products.

If you are installing a spraypark for a wide age range (from 2-14) you may want to create your park in 2 distinct areas. One area can be created with components suitable for younger children such as below ground sprays, and another area for older children containing the ever popular watercannons and taller columns.

When choosing a waterpark manufacturer make sure components are made from durable materials, carry a substantial warranty, and are compliant with ASTM, UL, and CSA standards.

You will also have to decide whether to install a recirculation system. Factors to consider are; local water availability, regulations and restrictions, and cost of water vs ROI on installation of a recirculation system. Oftentimes a recirculation system can pay for itself in only a few years.

Installing an aquatic playground will typically also require approval from an engineer, and the services of a licensed plumber and electrician for the installation of the spray park.

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About the author: Robert Edwards is the official Sales Director and unofficial Waterpark Tester for Nirbo Aquatic inc.

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