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Bruges Hotel Guide

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Author: Rahul Viz

Bruges is the capital of West Flanders, which is a region of Belgium. The city has been nicknamed "the Venice of the north" due to the many waterways that cross through the city. Bruges is a historic city and has been a world heritage site since the year 2000. The city is fairly small, with a population of just over 100,000 people.

Bruges is the location of many medieval forms of European architecture, and is one of the most popular cities in Belgium to visit. If you are looking to go back in time, Bruges is the city to visit.

The city is known for its great works of art, and many tourists visit the city during the summer. The summer is the best time to witness the true beauty of Bruges. Many famous people have hailed from Bruges. The mathematician Simon Stevin was born there, as well as Tony Parker, a basketball player in the French NBA.

Tourists to the city who love art will want to visit the Groening museum, a museum which houses an art collection which dates back to the 14th century. While many believe the works of Michaelangelo can only be found in Italy, they would be surpised to learn that his only sculpture to leave the country can be found at the The Onze Lieve Vrouwkerk in Bruges, which houses the Madonna and Child.

Another museum that you will want to visit is Choco-Story Museum, which was once a wine tavern which has now been turned into a museum dedicated to chocolate and the cocoa bean. You will also be able to buy some Belgian chocolates in the gift shop.

When it comes to transportation, some areas of the city are restricted. Despite this, no part of the city is truly free from cars. Driving in the city is quite difficult due to many one way streets. It is best for visitors to use carparks or trains when traveling in the city.

Bruges has many festivals throughout the year. In February they hold a Musica Antiqua which lasts about a week and in July a festival called Cactusfestival is held which lasts three days. This brings music fans from all over the world.

When it comes to money, you will need to bring quite a bit when visiting Bruges. Like many northern European cities, Bruges can be expensive. A mid range hotel room will cost between 45 and 120 euros a night, and even more for top end hotels. Food can cost between 8 and 20 euros per day.

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