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Brochure Designing and Printing At Your Home

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Author: Kaitlyn Miller

Do you have a business that you want to promote? Have you found the appropriate tool to publicize it? There are a lot of options available today, and one of the best ways in making a promotional material is brochure printing. But do you lack the necessary funds? If you are working on a budget constraint, do not worry because there are a number of ways in order to print brochures in the cheapest and easiest manner that is possible.

If you do not have enough monetary allocation for the promotion of your project, particularly brochure printing, you can try printing in your own home. There are several professional printing companies that can print brochures; however, most of them are too costly. So, instead of finding a company for your project, you may opt to use your personal computer, printer, word functions, and papers.

If you want to make your personal brochure design, you can choose to use simple computer applications such as Microsoft Word and Open Office Writer. To begin with, you can easily type all the text that you want your brochure to contain using the word processor. After which, you have to review and edit what you have typed in. Then, you have to change the orientation of your paper to landscape. Just check it out on the page set-up tab in the file menu. After doing that, you have to select all the texts and change the column of your paper into three. This column function is usually found if not on the standard toolbar, then in the format tab in the menu bar. By changing the dimension, you can already create a feel of a promotional brochure.

Afterward, you can already insert pictures that would comprise the design of your brochure. You can also choose the border and shading of the page. Then, you should adjust the texts and the images so that your layout will look more pleasing. Make sure that everything will fit well in your paper. Of course, you do not want to forget other important details about your product, service or company. Finally, you have to ensure that you will prepare two pages for your brochure. Since it is foldable, the front and backsides should have something printed on them.

So when you have finally finished designing your brochure using the word processor, you can already proceed to the brochure printing. You just have to choose affordable yet nice papers and load them in your printer. In the printing options, you can choose to print the first page first in as many as you can. Then, you have to reverse the papers which were initially printed in preparation for the printing of the second page.

Sometimes, you have to do several trial and errors in order to ensure that the design and text of your brochure is properly aligned. Remember that you will be folding them, so the layout should have the proper orientation.

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