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Bridal Shower Food

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Author: Trish Burrell

Your bridal shower food should be one of the first items considered when planning your event.

Location, number of guests, your theme, and especially your budget must be considered. Let's look at each of these.

Budget: Start with your budget, first. The bridal shower food is typically one of your greater expenses.

Location: If you are having it at a restaurant, you can plan for either a sit down meal, or a buffet. If you're hosting the party at a private home, a buffet or snacks usually work well.

Number of guests: If you are having a small number of guests, it is feasible to have a sit down meal. A buffet or snacks will work better with a larger group.

Theme: Look to your theme for bridal shower menu choices. A tea party might have simple finger sandwiches and tea cakes, while a beach theme might have hamburgers and hot dogs.

Your bridal shower menu doesn't have to be extravagant. You may find some ideas from the following suggestions.

Light snacks: pretzels, pocorn, chips and dip, a fruit plate

Brunch: Omelettes, pastries, fruit platter

Cold buffet: Cold cuts, cold salads (potato, seafood, macaroni), and fruit

Hot lunch: Chicken, rice, string bean casserole, and assorted rolls

Just dessert: It is perfectly fine to serve only the bridal shower cake and coffee. An assortment of cookies and pastries may also be used.

The best bridal shower food idea is to serve what you are comfortable with both financially, and personally.

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