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Brainless Link Exchange Dangers

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Author: Semmy Stumpp

The more links you get in, the better for you. THAT was the game of the past. SO BE CAREFUL NOW.

The reason for me writing this article is simple: I could scream when I open my email inbox daily and find stunning brainless link exchange request of webmasters that obviously do not know it better...

"I would like to do a link exchange with your website, because I think it is a perfect fit..." and then some people with emails like or similar ask me to link to their site about garden fertilizers and pretend that my site about gourmet chocolate is the "perfect fit".

So this article is a deep shout from my heart as internet marketer and will wake up hopefully a lot of people to the facts:

The question of how to rank your website highly in the search engines depends on a number of factors, and one of them being link popularity: how many websites do link to your site.

The more links you get in, the better for you. THAT was the game of the past. SO BE CAREFUL NOW.

The rules have narrowed. Times are way over where you just tried to use some automated systems to get link as many websites to you, no matter what topic they have.

This is no longer true. In order to have good rankings in search engines and in order to show up under the first 20 results in Google or any other search engines, it is now the game of getting CLOSELY RELATED topic and themed links.

You get in trouble sooner or later if all kind of wild links get to your website about chocolate, when those links have nothing much to do with chocolate at all.

You might want to argue that a lot of websites do not have a single keyword focus and therefore a lot of different links would not hurt.

Well, if you have a website with SEVERAL keywords, it is next to impossible to optimize your website or website traffic and ranking, anyway.

The only way to win this game online is to create closely themed websites with niche keywords. You can do keyword researches using tools like and then create mini sites that then point to your main company website, for example.

The link popularity game also has to keep one thing in mind: YOUR REAL VISITORS.

If they don't find valuable content on your sites, or misleading links that have nothing to do with the topic they are looking for, they will just leave and never come back. It hurts you in the long run big time.

How do you find out about your link popularity by the way fast and free?

I personally recommend and you will easily see how valuable it is how many links come to your competition and to your own website.

Link popularity is only ONE part of optimizing your website, and there is never just "one software" that will magically push your website on the top of the search engines.

If you believe such things, you might better open a stand at your local market and sell fresh fruit and veggies - at those places it is still often "who shouts the loudest, gets the most attraction".

On the Internet that is certainly not true.

About the author

Semmy Stumpps credo "Without Fun There Is No Success!" influenced many to reach their goals faster and with more smartness.

If you want to be one of them, too, visit him at his success search engine

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