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Borrowing Children's Products From A Friend, Or Buying Second Hand? Make Sure They're Safe, Says Safe Kids Canada

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Author: News Canada

(NC)—Raising children is expensive. More than half of Canadian parents cut costs by borrowing children's products such as car seats from friends and relatives. One third buy used products at second-hand stores or garage sales.

But are those second-hand or borrowed products safe? Safe Kids Canada urges Canadian parents to check these products to make sure.

Safe Kids Canada has produced a free "Check It Out" product safety booklet with warnings about baby walkers, bath seats, older cribs, baby gates, and more. The booklet is available in more than 5,000 pharmacies across the country during Safe Kids Week, June 2 - 8. It has been made available due to a generous grant from Johnson & Johnson and McNeil, and can be picked up next to Johnson & Johnson product displays in participating stores. Detailed information is also available on the Safe Kids Canada Web site at and at 1 888 SAFE TIPS (1-888-723-3847).

- News Canada

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