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Becoming A Strategic Accounting Manager

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Author: Silas Reed

Becoming a strategic account manager, to put it simply, requires a game plan or a strategy! You need to have clear cut goals and a definite plan of action. This really does go to make the entire process of securing the position a whole lot easier for you. So what exactly does strategic account manager work involve?

As a strategic account manager, you are to pinpoint the needs of clients and client companies so that you can formulate both long term and short term goals for your company. This must be done keeping your company's best interests in mind and with a view of expanding. This, as you can see, is not child's play. After all, strategic account manager jobs do come with a whole lot of responsibility.

In order to be a strategic account manager, you need to posses really good communication skills. If you are not able to efficiently communicate with people then chances are, that you won't be doing a good job either. You need to have the combined skills of persuasion and courtesy. No one likes pushy characters and that's a fact!

You have to be able to gather as much client information as possible and then analyze the industry specific data so as to be able advice clients in a wise manner.


What are the educational qualifications required to work as a strategic account manager? The first thing that you need, or rather, the most basic thing that you need is a bachelor's degree - the field or discipline may be virtually any!

Topping this basic degree with a Masters in Business Administration or even Business management puts you in a good position for the job of a strategic accounting manager.

Experience too does count. Employers actively look for candidates who have about three to five years of work experience in the accounting field. Sales experience also counts. So do make sue you have some sort of experience, after all, the competition is really tough!

Job Description

Strategic accounting manager employment is a necessary position in virtually every company, because every company needs a game plan. So it is a job with quite a high demand. The most important function of a strategic accounting manager is the development of business strategies which will help to increase the customer base of the company.

Along with this, you need to create both short term and long term sales goals which will cater to the customers' needs and increase the market share of your company at the same time.

A lot of times, this means liaising between the client and the company and that is quite a tricky task! But nonetheless, the job of a strategic account manager is an interesting and challenging one, so if you are planning to, then do go for it.

About the author: Silas Reed, Writer for AccountingCrossing writes articles that inform and teach about different Accounting job profiles. Please visit and sign up for a FREE trial to gain access to some of the many jobs we offer in the Accounting profession.

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