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Beagles Puppies - A Bundle Of Joy

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Author: Clarence Clark

The beagle dog has increased in popularity in the United States and Canada, which is quite strange when you consider that the beagle is native to the United Kingdom. The Beagle dog has been the star of many dog shows since the early 1900's and its star studded history has definitely lasted through the ages until today.

The Beagle is named after the Old English and French word beag which also means 'diminutive.', and when you consider it, beagles are known as some of the smaller species in the dog family. Beagle dogs of today are used in legal hunting sport and by a large number of customs and law enforcement collectives for the purpose of sniffing out the illegal substances that some pirates might try to smuggle.

This miniature 'foxhound' is a popular choice for families and even aged retirees, especially beagle puppies, as they are a bundle of joy to behold. One of the reasons this is so is because of the general appearance of the beagle puppy, which most people akin to a cute puppy who always has a pleading hound puppy look.

Beagle puppies are also known to be very affectionate, calm and entirely loving to their owners. Beagle also can come in a variety of warm and appealing colours, which include a tricolour coat from a shade of black to several different shades of brown with white patches all over. Most beagles are born in a shade of black against white, with their darker patches of coat turning a light shade of brown when they start to grow older and grow out some of the darker colours.

The beagle puppy is indeed one of the cutest things ever to grace the dog world and even in old English times, many Victorian paintings had their proud, noble and beautiful pictures painted by some of the best artists during that era.

Things have surely not changed today as they have graced the pictures of many books, photo brochures, and many calendars and pull out posters. Those sad eyes set against a constantly pouty hound face have been the object of admiration for thousands of people all over the world. Do a quick check online reveals that the beagle puppy is one of the most popular puppies in the world today - being taken in at a rate of a few thousand a month, in the United States alone.

>From pure breeds to crossbreeds, the beagle is indeed a beautiful puppy and if you do choose one, you are bringing home a bundle of joy and a tear jerking pretty puppy at the same time. The beagle is such a popular dog that there are celebrity versions of the dog, which include many in films, television and comic books.

I'm sure we have all heard of Snoopy, the cute and sometimes laughable beagle puppy on the popular Peanuts comic strip. Barry Manilow himself placed two beagles in one of several of his albums and the cute puppy has even been associated with former US President, one Lyndon Johnson. So this beagle, this celebrity, this bundle of joy can definitely bring some light into your life.

About the author: Clarence Clark is an avid Beagle lover providing valuable advice at where he shares Beagle info and training tips with Beagle lovers worldwide. Visit to gain FREE access to this Beagle networking website.

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