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Battery Electric Vehicles Are Becoming More Attractive With Advancement Of Battery Technology

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Author: Issac Gates

Electric vehicles (EVs) are those vehicles which are different from fossil fuel-powered vehicles as they can receive their power from a wide range of sources, including nuclear power, and renewable energies such as tidal power, solar power, and wind power. Battery electric vehicles, or BEVs, are a type of electric vehicles (EVs) that use the chemical energy amassed in rechargeable battery packs. Good batteries are those which can balance between work and power. Batteries with enough energy power vehicles to move for miles and miles. Energy means the amount of work that the battery can store. And power means how fast the battery can deliver the energy. Several manufacturers of Battery electric vehicles purchase batteries with enough energy to move a vehicle many miles; the energy is delivered so slowly that acceleration can be painful.

Like any other electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles use electric motors instead of internal combustion engines (ICEs) for driving force. Batteries are usually the most expensive component of Battery electric vehicles. The cost of battery manufacturing is huge. Since late 1990s, advances in battery technologies have been driven by demand for laptops and mobile phones, by demand for more features, brighter displays, and longer battery time during research and development in the field. The BEVs marketplace has harvested the benefits of these advances.

There are many advantages of using battery electric vehicles but the main advantages of these vehicles are, firstly they emit no pollutants which resulting in reducing urban pollution. And secondly the electrical energy stored within the battery can be generated by any source, including renewable, nuclear, natural gas, coal and petroleum. Battery Electric vehicles differ from starting, lighting, and ignition (SLI) batteries because they are designed to give power over wide periods of time. Among various Battery electric vehicles, electric vehicles truck is largely used.

Electric vehicles truck are usually created from those with manual transmissions, but once converted they almost feel like automatics. Electric vehicles truck runs on a manual transmission, but because the truck can reach a high speed in first gear, it runs similar to an automatic. Most people who drive an electric vehicle keep it in second gear most of the time. Delivery trucks require many batteries, to get sufficient range, because they do not deliver lightning fast starts. Since the truck only runs off batteries, it is fully electric, not requiring a bit of gasoline and quickly gliding down the streets.

About the author: Issac Gates is a mechanical engineer who is working for a construction company. He has good knowledge on Electric vehicles truck. For more information he recommends to visit

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