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Banned by Google

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Author: Wim Hoogenraad

This time a very extreme idea in the Great New Website Ideas series. You may have noticed that Google can make or break a website. Their system is very powerful and decides what is good or bad for web surfer to see. There is a way to reverse the Google results and use it in a website. Maybe there is a young and ambitious web designer who can make a website that uses the findings in this article and work out a very successful search engine.

Good day, my name is Wim Hoogenraad and I am the founder of WebmastersLookup. In this article I will share another Great New Website Idea I had without having the time to build it.

The facts.

In a few years Google became the largest search engine and is used in more than 40% (comScore Media Metrix) of the searches on the Internet. To keep this position they must maintain strict rules for websites to enter their database. When the search results are kept clean then visitors will be back. That is why Google does not like adult websites or sites about casino's to be mixed in the results. So they put a lot of effort in separating these websites from the normal website and they try to keep them out.

Google has an algorithm to calculate the position in the search results depending on the keywords and an algorithm to calculate the PageRank of a website. For commercial websites it is very important to have a high ranking and a whole new business called Search Engine Optimalization (SEO) offers services to get higher positions and higher PageRanks. A well known specialist in this field and a good friend of my is Kenneth Doyle from Australia (Certified SBI! Webmaster). He is connected to WebmastersLookup and his advice is always very useful to the site. Read more of him it in our SEO topic.

The problem.

The problem is that the algorithms that Google uses are secret. And even worse, they are changed from time to time. Now many people try to find out how the algorithms works and tell the world they know. Some of them even have success until the next Google dance, the repositioning of websites. This is very tricky business because you can change something to your site without knowing that Google has forbidden it. Maybe you have two urls with the same content: banned. Maybe you have a hidden link somewhere; banned. Maybe you have to many links to your site in a short time; banned. Maybe... you never know. One small mistake is enough, look at the BMW story. Do you think BMW ever intended to do something bad? Something similar happened to WebmastersLookup. Using the right keywords the site was #11 in the search results having PageRank 1. Overnight it got PageRank 4 but is nowhere to be found in the search results anymore. The strange thing is that WebmastersLookup is #3 in the search results of MSN using the same keywords. So never trust anyone how claims he can give your website a top 10 position in Google.

The future.

Lawrence Peter 'Yogi' Berna once said: "Prediction is very hard, especially when it involves the future." Until now Internet is very open, anybody can place anything on the web and sent spam drives everybody mad. Sometimes violators are got, but most of the time they walk free. Will there be 2 Internets? One Internet for the good and nice users, controlled by Google or controlled by an Internet Police? And another Internet that is underground where all cyber crime is done? We do not hope this will happen. We wish everything to remain open and free so everybody can find everything they need.

The idea.

Well that was a long introduction for a simple new website idea. The main point is that everybody wants to be found in a free environment. Why not make a search engine where unfindable websites can be found. Let call it Elgoog, the opposite from Google. So when a web surfer can't find what he or she is looking for in Google they have another chance in Elgoog. How does it work?

1. The webmasters submits his (unfindable) website to Elgoog.

2. Elgoog spiders the website and accepts all sites.

3. Every month the 'Elgoog dance' runs. The websites in the Elgoog database are looked up in Google. The number of links in Google are counted and placed in the database.

4. Visitors search for websites with keywords. The websites that match the keywords and have the least links get the highest position in Elgoog!

Of course Elgoog has the no-index and on-follow metatags, otherwise unwanted links will be created :-)

Commercial opportunities.

This just maybe a very popular website, advertisers maybe interested...

I think it's a nice idea worth trying, we don't have the time, who picks it up?

Wim Hoogenraad, WebmastersLookup

About the author

Wim Hoogenraad. Since 1981 involved with computers and Information Technology. Working as a programmer, developer and application manager he gradualy grown to EDP-manager. Highly interested in the use of methodes and technics he wrote the book "Management of IT-sticking points", together with the audit- and reviewtool Inspector Online. The author is a member of "Application Service Library Foundation".

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