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Balancing Your Love And Dating Ways

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Author: Francis K. Githinji

Love is what many individuals surely lack in substance. You cannot blame them because we all suffer from this lack in our own stride. There is no one in the whole wide world that can talk of love as a professional in that line, or gifted in manners of affection. If there is anything that makes all humanity equal, it is the fact that we all lack in knowing love really is, because it is in a world of its own.

Love exists in a dimension that is different from any other realm that we might be accessed as human beings. We cannot blame ourselves for the kind ideas we harbor about dating and love, and where we stand in the line of love, it's just that it makes so much sense to us as individuals more than it does when we are a crowd. Love is such that no one can argue about the way we carry out things in our life. It is more meaningful when we involve ourselves in dating instances as we aim at trying to unravel the meaning that love has.

The good thing with the issue of endearment is that there are so many things in life that we cannot argue about. No one can argue with you as to why you think love is blue, or why you have a hunch that love comes in a silver lining, or the fact that love is a consequence of what you have lacked in your life. Basically, what love is all about can be seen in the line of a relationship with another person with whom we have ideas and notions of making the relationship to go places.

Love and dating are two things that were ordained by God so that two people two strangers who have began learning to live and know each other might be able to leave their families and love ones, as tough and hard as it can be, and make a front in life as one person. Love is ultimately the glue that makes a human being normal for the rest of your life and lives to tell the tale.

You make a point of trusting a person whom you might never leave for the rest of your life, till death does you apart. It is the essence of dating and marrying at the height of the relationship, when you feel that you are not waiting for anything else, or for anybody else, and you are ready for that next step. You realize that you will be seeing the same face for the rest of you life, which can be for thirty, fifty or eighty more years. It is not a joking or a simple matter; it is the reason as to why love was created, so that humans can use it as a testing rod of whether the attraction is there. Once you find that you love the other person like no ones business, it is a high time that you began making it official to all and sundry.

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