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Automated Prank Calls using A.I. Technology?

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Author: Luke Carter

If you're the sort of person who likes to make prank calls and wind people up in general you'll probably be aware of the many prank call sites on the internet, offering a choice of automated phone windups to play anytime.

The thing is, like every category of services, picking the best site to run with can sometimes be a challenge.

Obviously, the best prank calls are the most convincing, and to achieve convincing prank calls you will need to make sure the prank call service itself is the real deal.

After all, the fun is in reeling someone in and humiliating them at the end right?

But you won't find out if you're "victim" hangs up! You would have just wasted you're money for nothing.

So how can you make sure you're getting the best?

There are 2 main types of automated prank calls service. One is a simple recorded prank call system which plays a recording to your victim hoping that it will achieve a response, but in reality is not credible at all and usually gets picked up on right away. Not much use.

The other uses Artificial Intelligence technology to actually interact with what your victim says just like a normal conversation. The system also "knows" when to take breaks and let them speak and when to ask different questions depending on their reaction. This is the type you want. This type of service also allows you to listen in secretly to your victim's reaction and they won't be able to hear you laugh out loud!

Prank Call Services that use this A.I. technology usually offer a much higher standard & wider range of prank calls to choose from, using professional voice actors to produce them.

When it comes to choosing a Prank Call Site, make sure you only use the best. After all, it's no fun when the person you are calling hangs up the phone after a few seconds is it?

About the author: is the UK's leading prank call site using A.I. technology. To view our selection of hilarious prank calls, please visit:

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