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Asp. Net And Php Language : Which One Has The Edge?

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Author: John Choo

How to know about the question "Asp. Net And Php Language : Which one has the edge" The most authentic and widely used languages for making website are and PHP. The million dollar question is that which one is more viable. For the purpose of freely information exchange and interaction with databases these two languages are useful. Microsoft has developed ASP.Net (Active Server Pages) and it is generally used with IIS (Internet Information Server) which works on Microsoft services. Basically PHP (Hypertext Pre Processor) was the brain child of Rasmus Lerdorf but later on it was modified by many others also. It works on Linux and Apache Server. Here are the difference of ASP and PHP:

Cost - ASP is always used along with IIS. The internet information server is quite expensive to purchase. In contrast, PHP uses LINUX for which you do not have to pay. In order to make use of ASP.Net in default the MS-SQL is not free, but it is scalable to using access, MY-SQL and oracle also. Where in default My-SQL which is used by PHP can be downloaded from internet free of cost.

Speed - People always told by developer the speed of PHP is very much higher than ASP.Net. Actually after compiled and loaded into memory as intermediate binary code, compare to Php always interpreted at run-time, performance can be far more faster and scalable.

Compatibility - PHP can be run various platforms whereas the ASP.Net needs only its window platform. The ASP can be run on Linux platform but for this ASP-Apache must be installed. So there is more flexibility in PHP to run it as compare to the ASP. ASP has limited choice in this context.

Other related cost - As PHP is an open source project; its tools as well as codes can be found easily in most online forums with no cost at all. There are some other inbuilt features too of PHP like email from a web page and many encryption options. The case is totally different as for as ASP is concerned as these bonus you can not avail for granted and you have to purchase separately all the components which you require from the Microsoft site

Base Language used - One of the best programming language from which PHP has been made is C++. Most of the computer programmers rely on this programming language and they consider it to be the best ever programming language. On the contrary ASP.Net have been release and support it Visual Basic, CSharp, JSharp, C++ together in one website. It is more powerful that Php in reality. However, you can use any of these languages that best meet your requirements.

Conclusion - There is a general comparison that ASP.Net is better for all rounded developer. However, this may not be necessary. Depending on your require with various programs, both ASP.Net and Php can be the edge. Keeping in mind only the cost effectiveness of the development, then PHP is better than ASP.Net.

About the author: John Choo is a graphic and ASP.Net web designer in Malaysia. His design company also offer CMS website worldwide. Visit for more information.

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