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Are Your Car Repairs Reasonable?

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Author: Bob Wiggins

Let's face it - car repairs are expensive these days, and what starts off as a small thing often adds up quickly. With the cost of car repairs on the rise and many people opting to keep their cars longer it is just natural to avoid extra costs. However tempting it might be to cut costs on car repairs you may pay dearly in the end if you choose an unskilled or fraudulent Ottawa mechanic.

It makes sense to shop around to save money on scheduled maintenance and repairs, however you should always be alert to signals that you may be dealing with a bad Ottawa mechanic. Some of these early warning signs may include:

1. Tells you an estimate verbally, but then after the written estimate is a lot more. If your Ottawa mechanic sucks you in with a low quote then jacks up the price after you may want to take your business elsewhere. A dishonest Ottawa mechanic may try to convince you that the actual repair costs will be much less than the estimate, but it's just a scam. If it did turn into a legal matter it is what is written down that will matter, not what was said.

2. The estimate is much lower than everyone else. With major repairs like an engine overhaul or transmission rebuild it is important to get more than one estimate. If one of those estimates is much lower than the rest it may signal a number of problems. That Ottawa mechanic might not truly understand the amount of work involved or will not use quality parts. It makes sense to pay a bit more for quality work than try to save a few pennies and end up right back in the repair shop.

3. A disorganized shop environment - you might not be able to walk out on the shop floor depending on the regulation and insurance issues, but they may be able to show you some or allow you to view it. It is fine for an Ottawa mechanic's shop floor to be a bit messy and unclean, it's the nature of the business, it should still be well organized and properly laid out. If there are many scattered all over the place and old parts left out it might be that the Ottawa mechanic is just lazy or worse not qualified.

4. Your seems to just be replacing without getting to the core of the issue. If you find you are going back for the same issue two times or more then it means that your Ottawa mechanic is finding it hard to properly diagnose the root problem. Simply swaping out parts until you find the problem takes a lot of time - and costly! If this seems to be happening to you it might be smart to go to a dealer and get them to diagnose the issue. Once the problem is properly understood you might want them to do the repair - or you can seek out a competent independent Ottawa mechanic to do the job.

5. The Ottawa mechanic does not show you the old part after the work is done. Unless you can see the old part you don't really know if the work was done correctly - or done at all. It's a good idea to always see the failed parts before settling up the bill. An Ottawa mechanic who refuses to let you see those failed parts may be claiming to do work that has not actually been done.

If you are concerned about something it is a good idea to talk to your Ottawa mechanic first and discuss the problem. Sometimes the problem can be easily resolved and is nothing to worry about. In other cases the problem may be more severe in nature, in which case you need to get your car and find a better skilled Ottawa mechanic. It might be a lot of work to have your car moved if it's not running, but it will be worth it in the long run. The key is to become an informed consumer instead of letting yourself be taken for a ride.

About the author: Bob Wiggins is a certified, Canada and enjoys working on his classic cars in his spare time.

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