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Are You Writing Your Ads The Wrong Way?

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Author: Wealthy Wal

I've spent quite a lot of time helping out new internet marketers. One of the most common mistakes I see is responsible for the poor conversion rates that new marketers dread. Fortunately though, it is a mistake that is easily fixed.

What a lot of people incorrectly do is list the features of the product they are trying to sell. I'm sure you've either written an ad like this, or seen plenty of them. They are the ads that list things like the authors experience, how many pages the book has, what colour the pages are etc etc. The truth is that listing these features doesn't really entice the reader into buying anything. The key to writing good copy lies in the ability to be able to evoke positive emotions in the reader.

For example, if you are selling a book that teaches people how to make money, it should be very easy to evoke emotions. This is because money is very powerful. The best way to evoke emotions is to focus on the actual benefits of the product. Focus on what the product will actually do for the buyer. Using the book on making money, what are some possible ways to make people feel something? What are the benefits?

Have a think about which of the following two examples makes you FEEL more.

1. This book has been written by Mr X a multi-millionaire. It has 100 pages and will show you how to make money in lots of different ways. The book also looks really nice too.


2. What you're about to read has the ability to change your life, forever! Imagine being able to tell the boss you're never coming in again, while holidaying in the caribbean with your family. Sound good? Well, this book provides a step by step guide on exactly what you need to do to be able to do just this.

Hopefully when you read the latter, you actually felt something. This is possible with any industry, not just something to do with money. Instead of writing about obvious stuff, get out a piece of paper and a pen and do some brainstorming. Think about the real reasons behind buying a particular product. Is somone looking to lose weight so they can make their doctor happy? Or is it so they can wear nice clothes and look good at the beach. These are the types of questions you need to be asking yourself whenever you sit down to write some sort of copy. And actually make sure you do this EVERY time you write. I forgot about this for a little while after learning it and I noticed a drop in sales.

About the author:

Wealthy Wal is an Internet Marketing Mentor and author of his own guide on how to make money online. To receive your FREE copy and learn exactly how to make money online, visit:

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