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Are You Up For A One Night Stand?

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Author: Ruth Purple

Okay, let's put it out in the open. There is this stigma; men are the only one capable of having a one night stand. But the truth is, women are capable of one night stands, too. Women can be a more vicious predator in casual sex if they wanted to.

Generally, women who are capable of one night stand know what they want and how to get it. They have a strong grip of themselves. They are aware of their weaknesses, limitations, strength and power. They know the art of controlling without losing themselves. They are in command of their spirituality, their mind, their emotions and their physical needs and know how to perfectly segregate each.

They are usually scary people if you become their prey. They come docile and meek- non-intimidating at all; they subtly make you believe they are perfect for you. They are skilled in seducing not just your groin but your mind and emotions- they know exactly what to say. They are expert in reading and scrutinizing people.

If one night stand is a game they often win because they know who to get and what to get out of it. They give you an unforgettably great time in and out of bed. Once you serve their purpose, they forget about you. And if you're in the category of casual sex, then you are just that- a piece of meat.

They will treat you with certain amount of respect according to your designated level. You can hardly penetrate their emotions and mind unless they allow you to- they know you more than you know yourself. They bend the rules because they have their own rules. Women like this are more often than not mature and in the "been there, done that" state but still remains adventurous.

Women like this are capable of one night stand and for men out there- women like these are perfect candidates for one night stands, if you know how to handle them. They will make it easy on you- no stress, no pressure, purely intoxicatingly pleasurable sex. They know they are frowned upon but they don't give a damn.

However, not all women are as evolved as they are. If they are able to give some advice to novice girls who wants to stride in the waters of guiltless sex well here are some few. Drop the drama- "this is a first for me" or "I've never done this before" That is bull crap; it never works even if it's true.

Men will think exactly the opposite of what you're telling them. You don't need to explain or make excuses for your actions. Keep your focus on your purpose- be naughty and spicey…less talk more action. When the action is over- don't over stay your welcome. If possible, don't wait for him to be fully awake.

Put on your coverings before he does…then gently close the door behind you. If having a conversation feels uncomfortable for you, don't force it or even attempt to make one, especially future hook-ups or your plans-just be gracious, keep your plans to yourself and have your exit. Never even consider leaving or giving your phone number.

If he asks- still don't give your number, ask him back instead, and then tell him you'll call him when you have the time. If ever he offers you to have a shower and/ or breakfast with him, reconsider if you like him but if he is all dick and no brain, say yes to the shower, no to the breakfast.

And when you're home and comfortable, don't forget to tell your friends the highlights of the night and warn them if it's a total waste of time. One night stand is not something to be ashamed of, just use protection. As long as you are in control and in command of yourself, go on-indulge.

About the author: The author of this article, Ruth Purple, is a successful Relationship Coach. Learn how you can seduce any man that you fancy with so much ease and subtlety.

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