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Are You Creating Your Life Deliberately Or By Default?

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Author: Melissa Quiter

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have it all, while others struggle and work hard their whole lives and still have little to show for it? What is the difference between those that are creating the exact lives they desire to live and those who are not?

After hundreds of hours of research in programs, books, discussions and cutting-edge thought seminars, those questions can be answered by two very simple, yet profound, words.

Deliberate and Default

More specifically, deliberate creation -- proactively participating in the creation and manifestation of your conscious and subconscious desires, and default creation - being only consciously aware of what you desire while the subconscious (where 88% of creating is done) pushes you along without awareness and focused direction.

As the creator of your life, you are at cause for everything you attract into your experience. And based on the universal Law of Attraction, which says -- that which your energy is focused is drawn to you -- there is never a moment when you are not creating.

So, if you are deliberately creating your life through active participation, awareness and focused energy, your life is a true reflection of what you desire. If you are creating by default, you are at effect of what is being created by your untapped subconscious mind. Without focus and process, your mind falls prey to what it has habitually done in the past. You know this is happening to you if you seem to experience the same situations over and over and over again - the same bad relationships; the same financial challenges; the same frustrating work situations; etc.

Deliberate creating is about taking back the power you came to this earth possessing. It is about actively participating in the total design of your life. It is about following a process, the Process of Deliberate Creation, on a daily basis to continually be moving toward your desires.

Being a deliberate creator of your life is the joy and satisfaction that may be the answer to what is missing from your life. It may be the only thing standing in the way of living and experiencing the life you came to this earth to live.

Learn the Process of Deliberate Creation today and take the first step in creating and manifesting all of your desires!

Copyright 2005 Melissa Quiter

About the author

Melissa Jean Quiter is an inspirational life and business strategist who teaches a simple, yet profound, daily process for deliberately creating your life in her book, "My cat made me a millionaire… (and how yours can too!)." Visit: Melissa also authors, "Being Spiritual doesn't mean being poor! How to remove what blocks you from making money & creating happiness," based on the Law of Attraction, the universal laws, NLP and the Nine Environments for Holistic Living. Visit: or call: [512] 341-0556

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