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Are You Afraid Enough?

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Author: Robin Rushlo

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
Anais Nin (1903-1977) Writer

What motivates us to change? Dissatisfaction? Maybe. Extreme fear? Maybe. Most likely, however the motivation is that we are so uncomfortable or so afraid in our current situation, that we will do anything, including change.

Change is difficult for almost all of us and sometimes it takes a lot to convince us that something should change. When we are looking at a business opportunity in multilevel marketing, particularly if we are thinking this could be our new full-time job, what makes us decide to take the chance? How uncomfortable would you have to be to make a change? Maybe you have already started in a new business, things are not going well, and you know you need to change. How bad would things have to be before you decided to change?

Maybe you have put off participating in the training opportunities that might be available to you through your company. How many calls do you have to mess up before you get tired of messing up calls? How much money do you want to spend before you start really making money? How bad to things really have to get before you are willing to change? Wouldn't participating in the training be a lot less painful than making all the mistakes?

Maybe you don't want to pick up the phone. How much does your business have to falter before you get up the courage to actually pick up the phone and make a call? How dissatisfied are you with the way things are going? Maybe now is the time to make your move. Picking up the phone might be less painful that the stress you are going through thinking about it.

Why would you want to wait until things got so painful that you feel like you have no other choice? If you have waited that long, why not ease your pain and do what you need to do? Making the changes and doing what you need to do can't be any more painful that what you are putting yourself through right now.

The business is there to make your life better. You started in the business to help you achieve some goal that you set when you first started in the business. Use your fear to make the changes you need to make and enjoy the success you are looking to achieve.

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About the author: Dr. Robin Rushlo, is a well known MLM Radio personality and is nationally recognized as an expert in the network marketing business.He is the current host of the radio show, "Networking with the Blindguy"live daily, and

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