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Are there College Jobs Available?

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Author: Dustin Hubbard

You’ve finally been accepted to the college or university of your choice. Now all you have to do is find a job to be able to stay at school. Most colleges and universities know that the normal average student will have to have a job while they are in school. Because of this the school will usually have websites that enable their students a viable way of finding on-campus and some off-campus jobs.

The on-campus jobs that most universities and colleges offer are for the student body only. These jobs will be in the classes, for the different departments, and for the university itself. Some examples might be a job in the school cafeteria or perhaps in the cashier department of the university. Many departments will have job openings that the student can apply for, such as needing a student to log in students that participate in Chemistry Labs or a student to be a receptionist at the Math Department Office. These jobs tend to start at around $8-10 dollars an hour and can be anywhere from a few hours a week to a 20-25 hour work week. The student will have to check their class schedule with the work schedule to make sure it will fit.

The off-campus jobs that might be offered through the university or college website will usually come from companies and employers that are local to the area. The school might even host a job fair that will allow these companies and employers to actively recruit for employees. This is an easy way for the student to access potential employers and see if he or she will fit in with a certain company. Local companies that might be hiring college or university students could be the local grocery store or if there is a mall nearby it could be a retail store like the nearest bookstore or clothing store. More mainstream jobs available might be receptionist at a local clinic. The pay for this type job will be the same as an on-campus job.

Most college jobs have very few requirements and can be filled by the local population but there are jobs that are sometimes offered for specialty positions. These would be those jobs requiring a certain amount of college attained or perhaps a person that has already completed their associates or bachelors. The specialty jobs might also be available for a particular Major only. These type’s college jobs will typically pay more money than the others.

After checking you university or college website for sources of college jobs, there is of course always the mainstay of job search which is the newspaper and the internet job search. This will not typically give you any jobs that are available for on-campus employment but will be able to show you what other off-campus jobs might be available in your particular area. Again always check your class schedule with what the potential employer will require from you and it’s always a good idea to let your new boss know you are a student at the local university or college.

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