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Are the Women on the Websites For Real?

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Author: John Kunkle

Yes, they are for real. They are genuine. They are single and available. The vast majority of them are honest in their search for a mate.

That being said, there are some realities of life that you should be aware of with regard to the websites.

First, approximately two thirds of the women who sign up with the marriage agencies are over thirty-five years of age.

Secondly, approximately two thirds of the women who sign up with the marriage agencies have children.

The reason for this is very simple: These are the women who have a very slim chance of getting married in Russian society today. Consequently, they are looking outside Russia for their hopes and dreams of getting married.

Websites make their money selling the names and addresses of women looking to meet men from the West, and the corollary services of email forwarding and translation to facilitate their communication.

Western men naturally are most attracted to the youngest and most beautiful women. They are most likely to part with their hard earned money for the opportunity to meet a young and beautiful woman.

The websites cater to the men's wishes. It makes absolutely no sense for the websites to post page after page of women that men have little or no interest in.

The women you see on the websites are a subset of all the actual women that are available at the marriage agencies. A few unscrupulous agencies post pictures of models and other women that are no longer single and available.

My wife received correspondence from men for years after we were married. She let the marriage agency know that she was no longer available. Yet the letters continued. She passed the letters on to her single friends.

The websites are a start, but they are just a tip of the iceberg as far as the number of single women that are available.

Any marriage agency in any city of the former Soviet Union would love for a western man to show up for a period of two weeks or more to meet the women at the agency.

A man would have no problem meeting hundreds of women at any of these agencies during the time he is there.

The women are real. They are single and available. And they are waiting to meet YOU!

About the author: John Kunkle has been married to a Russian women for over five years. He has travelled the path from finding her, to traveling to Russia, to bring his wife to America, and adjusting to married life. He will show you step by step how to do this yourself.

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