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Are Pet Guinea Pigs the Right Pets for You?

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Author: Mike Andrews

Guinea pigs, which are just as commonly called "cavies" were discovered and domesticated several thousands of years ago, and ever since then they have been working their way into the hearts and homes of people from all over the world. Cavies are adored for their affectionate and gentle character, and their amusing personalities. Pet guinea pigs can be found with an abundance of variations in their coat colors and textures. Cavies are loved as pets by both young children and adults alike.

Cavies love to sit on laps and be petted. They are easy to care for and are not demanding. Like any domesticated pet they do have some special needs, including a safe and comfortable home and a loving and affectionate owner who will take time to hold and caress him or her.

Be Sure to do Your Research First

It is only fair to you and your new pet that you do your homework ahead of time and learn ahead of time about your pet cavy's needs and behaviors. As a responsible pet owner you should be aware that caring for pet guinea pigs requires a certain amount of planning, commitment, and time. Learning as much about cavies before you buy one will help you determine if keeping a cavy as a pet is compatible with your current lifestyle.

Will You Make a Good Cavy Owner?

There are several things to consider that will help you decide whether a cavy would make a good pet for you. How you live and what you do are critical considerations in determining if a cavy will fit into your life. Owning a pet is not always an easy thing. It requires a commitment over a long period of time. In the case of cavies this commitment means spending "snuggle" time with them on a regular and consistent basis. They will need veterinary care which requires financial resources. So before taking the plunge make sure that you are ready and prepared to do what it takes to provide a loving and caring home for these wonderful creatures.

Cavies and Young Children

Children love animals, and children particularly love pet guinea pigs. They are fuzzy, warm, soft, and gentle. They love being cuddled and caressed, and they hardly ever bite, although they may affectionately nibble on little fingers now and then.

Children love to show their affection for their pet guinea pigs by hugging and kissing them. As hard hard as it may be, make sure that your children don't accidently love your cavy to death. Sometimes children don't realize how fragile small pets can be and without realizing it they may squeeze them too hard and injure your cavy. Make sure that your children never pick up their cavy by the nape of it's neck, or by it's limbs or ears. Just teach your children to be gentle and your cavy will return the affection.


Owning a couple of pet guinea pigs can create an excellent opportunity for adults to teach children about pets and the importance of humane care, and respect for all living things. Cavies are wonderful first pets because they are easy to care for, and they are very loving and affectionate. Be good to your pet cavies and they will give you lots of love in return.

About the author: Guinea pigs are gentle creatures. Mike Andrews is a 52 year old native of native of Colorado, and has been a life-long animal lover and guinea pig enthusiast. Mike would like to see that all pet guinea pigs are properly cared for. He has written additional articles relating to pet guinea pigs on his webpage at Please visit his website at and check out his eBook "Giving Your Guinea Pig the Love & Care it Deserves" and his FREE 10 part mini-course on the proper care and raising of happy and healthy guinea pigs.

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