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Are American Women Driving Their Men Away?

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Author: Sarah Tanner

Recently, I stumbled across something on the internet. A particular website caught my eye... and provided a solid hour or more of eye-opening reading. What was it?

This website offers little in the way of looks, and a lot in the area of crassness and yukky language. However, looks don't always matter these days when it comes to websites. What matters is what you're reading. And this website more than delivered in that way.

The topic is controversial. The website might upset you. But if you're a woman who wants to understand men, or a man who wants to read what other men are thinking and feeling, this is one sure place to visit. is by a man who says that marriage is a bad idea, and that having children is highly overrated. In fact, he says that the only reason for getting married is to have children. Why does he feel this way?

He makes this very clear: it's because of what American women have become, in his eyes. They have a huge sense of entitlement, and they treat their men badly. They manipulate their way into marriage by making things as nice as possible for their intended, but once the wedding vows take place, the "fun" is over - sometimes very abruptly, from many of the stories that are quoted on the website.

I found to be fascinating reading. Like the readers of my website, I care very much how men feel and what they think. There is no question about it - this man does indeed have a valid point! What he describes is indeed reality in countless marriages! Many, many men are resigned, disappointed, hurt, disgusted, stuck, or just plain finished with marriage - or at least with marriage to American women.

An attractive, reserved, intelligent young man I know, whom I respect very much, quietly wooed and wed a darling young girl from Japan. They have been married about three years now and just had their first child. She adores him, and she also joined his religious faith. They are clearly very happy together. Something led him to go thousands of miles to find a wife. What was it?

Read for yourself and let me know what you think. You might get mad at me for saying that this writer has a point - but in fact, he does - and there's just no denying it.

What will you gain from reading this man's website? You will get an unforgettable insight into what men truly want and need from their wives and girlfriends. Look at this website in this light, and learn a great deal about what matters to many men. And remember my warning that it is oftentimes rather distasteful reading - but nonetheless, quite an eye-opener.

Don't let the love of your life become as unhappy as these men have become!

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Sarah Tanner writes about relationships. Some of her websites include,, and You may use this article if it is used in its entirety and unchanged, and if the website links are included.

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