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Arbonne University - What You Really Learn From Arbonne University

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Author: Joshua Fuson

Arbonne University is the online portal that Arbonne International uses to train their independent consultants. It is an "all in one" place for people growing a business to learn about the products, services, compensations, incentives, company history - everything about Arbonne.

As and Independent Consultant, there are some things you need to understand about Arbonne U:

1. Product Knowledge - their series on product knowledge will tell you just about every detail you could want to know (and some that you wouldn't) about their product line. They discuss in detail the extrinsic factors in the aging process, the different variables that contribute to aging, and how their products address these issues. They also offer full explanation of the different product lines, what each was designed for, and how to match them with your clients.

2. Company Information - Arbonne U also gives a tremendous amount of background info on the company itself. They describe their history, where they started as a company, and where they are at currently. Very good info for new consults who aren't very familiar with Arbonne.

3. Marketing And Business Development - the portal also has a tremendous amount of information on practicing the "party plan", where a consultant is told to throw home parties and practice "warm marketing", which is marketing to friends and family members.

This type of marketing is the fastest way to get 2 business builders and 3 customers in your downline - but unfortunately, that where it stops for many consultants as they do not know any other strategies beyond these for business growth.

Arbonne University is a great place to get a business started - but for long-term growth, target marketing is a way to get people coming to you, looking for the types of products and services you offer. It's a very effective model for long-term success.

About the author: Joshua Fuson is a professional marketer, and has participated in the generation of over $14 million dollars in the direct-marketing industry in the past 4 years alone. To find out more about Josh, see The Arbonne Success Blueprint by clicking

You can also learn more about growing a successful Arbonne business by getting The Secret To Arbonne Success by visiting

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