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Angst of a Visually Impaired UK Postal Voter

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Author: Enitan Ajayi

As I contemplate the upcoming general elections and ponder who to vote for, I have just realised, after having had the instructions read to me. Yes, you read correctly! If there are those of you who like me thought that a postal vote was a matter of simply ticking your preferred candidate and slipping it into the provided envelope and popping it into the letter box.

Well yes there are instructions and they are in small print. I have just discovered that my votes may not have counted in recent years because I was unaware of the specifics of sending back the ballot.

Having tried to ring my local council to find out if large print ballot papers and instructions were available, I was pointed at their website and couldn't get hold of a person to speak to.

However the RNIB does state that accessible voting ballots are available, but this isn't widely advertised.

So for those of you having difficulties with your postal votes here are the instructions

Step A

Carefully separate your ballot paper (the right side) from your Postal Voting Statement PVS (the left side).

Step B

Complete your ballot paper.

Turn your ballot paper over to show the ballot paper number on the reverse.

Place your completed ballot paper into Envelope A so that the ballot paper number shows through the window of envelope A.

Seal Envelope A

Step C

Complete Postal Voting Statement PVS - take care to follow the instructions

Step D

Turn Postal Voting PVS over to show the return address.

Place Envelope A and Postal Voting Statement PVS into Envelope B so that the return address on the reverse of PVS shows through the window of Envelope B.

Seal Envelope B and place it in the post - you do not need to use a stamp

About the author: Enitan is the owner of CCPH which is an organisation that specialises in assisting people with disabilities and also assisting companies to realise the potential of people with disabilities.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all rights including those in copyright in the content of this article are owned by or controlled for these purposes by Enitan Ajayi of CCPH.

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