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Alpha Male Characteristics: Natural Dominance

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Author: Joe J.Anderson

If you want to be the guy who is the most attractive man wherever he goes and gets whatever girl he wants, you need to develop the traits of an alpha male. Some lucky men are born naturally confident leaders, but most need to learn the alpha male characteristics that will propel them to success.

In the first article in this series, "Alpha Male Characteristics: Beta Traits To Avoid," you learned that a beta male frequently tends to overcompensate for his weaknesses by becoming brash, loud, obnoxious, and overly aggressive. Those are not the traits of a true alpha male, and every woman he meets will know it. Instead, aspiring alpha males must learn to cultivate the habits and qualities of naturally dominant men:

#1) Strong body language. He maintains good posture, even if it's tiring or painful. He makes eye contact with people. He takes up space. His gestures and eye movements are slow and deliberate.

#2) He doesn't qualify himself. A natural alpha male doesn't feel the need to explain or apologize for his behavior, nor does he find it necessary to prove himself to others or brag about his success. He's pleased if you like him, but he doesn't care if you don't.

#3) He is the center of attention. He will often physically be in the center of a group, and other members of the interaction will be oriented towards him. He leads conversations, tells jokes, and makes decisions for the entire group.

#4) He is calm and confident. He doesn't act nervous around women or other dominant men, and he doesn't feel the need to act tough or fake self-esteem in order to appear self-assured.

#5) He is not easily impressed. Because the natural alpha male is a high achiever, he is not easily impressed with the achievements of others. He maintains high standards in all situations, and only lets women of high-value earn his attention.

Use these alpha male characteristics to increase your confidence around women. Any man can be an alpha male as long as he is passionate and dedicated to the task.

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